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  • 2002
  • 2 Seasons

Jake and the Kid tells the coming of age tale, of a young boy growing up in the prairies region of the United States. Adapted from a series of short stories, Jake and the Kid tells the tale of a kind-hearted, young boy who loves his mother and is growing close and learning lessons of life from his mother's ranch hand.

Jake and the Kid
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The Wedding
13. The Wedding
January 17, 2003
Julia gets cold feet on the eve of her second wedding, prompted in part by her discovery of strange feelings for Jake and her jealousy of his former flame, Emily Henchbaw. Ben decides Jake would be a better husband than Paul for his Ma and hatches a plan with Katya and Jackie to sabotage the wedding. Meanwhile, George Soloway proposes to Violet Bowdery, who is truly in love with Gate Gatenby. To wed or not to wed...that is the question!
The Ship
12. The Ship
January 17, 2003
Otto, a local hermit, begins building a giant ship, in the belief that the next apocalyptic flood is coming. Ben, Katya and Jackie set out to spy on this "Second Noah", upsetting him. Ben finds himself briefly trapped in Otto's cabin. With Ben suffering nightmares from the experience, Julia, Paul and other Crocus citizens demand Otto be sent to an asylum. Jake's assurances that Otto is a harmless old man fall on deaf ears and only Ben can save him.
The Circus
11. The Circus
January 17, 2003
The sight of a circus cheetah being abused by its trainer sends Ben, Katya and Jackie into action. They steal the big cat away to their tree house, sparking a search by the townsfolk. Jake hunts for the animal with a mysterious young roustabout who has a chip on his shoulder and bears more than a passing resemblance to Jake.
The Boxer
10. The Boxer
January 17, 2003
Clarence "Big Cat" Jacobson and his sleazy manager Ted Templeton are on their way to a big comeback match when their car breaks down in Crocus. The big man teaches Ben a few moves to help him stand up to the school bully, while Ted concocts a barn fight scheme to make some fast money. Upon learning that Ted is only using the aging boxer for his own selfish ends, Jake climbs into the ring to make Clarence reconsider his boxing career.
9. Crossroads
January 17, 2003
The ongoing feud between Jake and Paul heats up after Paul begins taking over farm duties, prompting Jake to consider leaving Crocus. His news upsets Ben and turns Julia against Paul. Jake's friends desperately try to convince him to stay, reminding him of his many memories in Crocus.
The Runaways
8. The Runaways
January 17, 2003
Julia's sudden and surprise engagement to Paul Krause sends Ben running away from home. He is joined by Katya, who feels her new baby brother has become the centre of her parents' lives, and Jackie, who is simply looking for an adventure. At the climax of a journey filled with mishaps, their raft tips over and Ben saves Jackie from drowning.
Special Delivery
7. Special Delivery
January 17, 2003
Ben is excited about his new horse until Jake is injured while trying to break it. During supper at the Osborne's, Sophia Melnyk goes into labour, sending Jake into a driving rain storm for help. When Jake's truck becomes stuck in the mud, Ben must overcome his fear of his new horse and ride to fetch the midwife. The baby doesn't want to wait so Julia must deliver it on her own.
What's Real
6. What's Real
January 17, 2003
Julia's glamorous actress sister Donna Davey returns to Crocus with her Hollywood director friend Cole Donner. When Cole meets Jake, he feels he's found his archetypal cowboy and begs Jake to mentor him on the ways of the West. Meanwhile, Donna mentors Julia's beau Paul Krause on the art of taking things slow, just as Julia decides to speed things up resulting in a romantic muddle. Jaimz Woolvett has appeared in the films Unforgiuen, Dead Presidents and The Assistant. His television credits include Lonesome Dove, Street Legal and Road to Auonlea.
The Great Uranium Caper
5. The Great Uranium Caper
January 17, 2003
Inspired by news of a big find in North Saskatchewan Ben, Katya and Bogie are convinced they've discovered uranium on a farmer's field. With visions of riches dancing in their heads, they vow to keep it their little secret. But it's not long before Albert Rickey catches wind of it, as does the editor of the Crocus Breeze, Hattie Fischer, who writes it up as a front page story. Meanwhile, we learn Jake has a secret too. He found uranium in the field years ago - low grade, worthless uranium. He's playing along just to sting Albert, who buys the farm. Jake's light-hearted scam soon gets out of control as the town goes wild with uranium fever, the army descends on Crocus and Katya and Ben are quarantined after being exposed to radioactive rock.
4. Rituals
January 17, 2003
After being humiliated by two older boys, Ben and his friend Jackie Whitbread are determined to beat them at the Dominion Day Horse-Pulling Contest. Ben ignores Jake's warnings about using his race horse Fever as a plow horse and goes on to win the contest. His actions carry a heavy price, however, and Ben must make the toughest decision in his life after Fever goes lame.
The Sky's The Limit
3. The Sky's The Limit
January 17, 2003
The Sanitary Cafe is purchased by the Melnyk family, setting tongues wagging over the strange food Sophia Melnyk is serving and Bogie Melnyk's junk yard behind the cafe. Matters come to a head after newspaper editor Hattie Fischer writes a scathing editorial in the Crocus Breeze about the town's racial discrimination. Even Ben is caught up in the issue when he calls Katya Melnyk a "bohunk" during a fight over a kite flying contest.
The Difference Between
2. The Difference Between
January 17, 2003
A production of "Romeo and Juliet" sets off a feud between Jake and the new schoolteacher. Taking their cues from the Capulets and the Montagues, Jake and the new schoolteacher, Paul Krause, take an instant dislike to one another. While rehearsing for a community production of Romeo and Juliet, a flustered and jealous Jake punches Paul for showing him up in a fencing duel, witnessed by Julia. Ben's ego also takes a beating when he breaks his arm trying to show off in front of Lazarus and his pals. Their humbling experiences teach both Jake and Ben valuable lessons about life.
The Fire
1. The Fire
January 17, 2003
The town of Crocus is threatened by a prairie grass fire. Ben Osborne tries to prove to his older friends he's no longer a kid and winds up rolling a tractor. When a prairie grass fire rages near Crocus, Ben sees his chance to prove he's an adult and sets off to fight the fire. He's no match for the flames, though, and Jake must risk his life to save Ben and his dog Rocket.

Jake and the Kid tells the coming of age tale, of a young boy growing up in the prairies region of the United States. Adapted from a series of short stories, Jake and the Kid tells the tale of a kind-hearted, young boy who loves his mother and is growing close and learning lessons of life from his mother's ranch hand.

Jake and the Kid is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on November 25, 2002.

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Jake and the Kid is available for streaming on the Nelvana website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jake and the Kid on demand at Amazon and Tubi TV.

  • Premiere Date
    November 25, 2002