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An animated series based on popular comic books, Wildcats is a captivating story about prehistoric alien species caught in a universal war. It was in the works for one season and includes 13 episodes.Wildcats is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on June 1, 1994.

Wildcats is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wildcats on demand atAmazon, iTunes online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
June 1, 1994
Animation & Cartoon
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Wildcats Full Episode Guide

  • Zealot has managed to force the Daemonite possessing Lonely to leave the body long enough for her to dispatch it. With the freed Lonelys help, she has gotten aboard the Behemoth, intending to carry out her vengeance again Helspont. Lonely has returned to WildCAT HQ in order to assist where he can. He discovers the Grifter is alive and just coming out of the coma. Informed that Zealot has gone to avenge him, the Grifter, despite his injuries, goes after her. In the meantime, the remaining WildCATS are under attack by the Daemonites, who have stolen the anti-gravity device. Only Lonelys arrival in the nick of time prevents their destruction. But disaster still is imminent. With the aid of the antigrav, the Behemoth will fly and its guns will quickly blast out the Orb. The WildCATS must get the Orb first and use its powers against Helspont! So as the Grifter and Zealot raise havoc inside the now-flying Behemoth, the WildCATS release the Orb using Warblades solution to the Code of Threes. But he Orb is revealed to be pure evil, and Voodoo rejects its power. Helspont flies in with the Behemoth to take control of the Orb but just as he does so the Grifter and Zealot set the Behemoth to destruct and bail out. The resulting explosion destroys both the Orb and the Daemonites at least for now.

  • The Daemonites attack a NASA research facility, ostensibly to obtain and anti-gravity device developed there which will allow the Behemoth to fly again. The WildCATS arrive to battle them but discover they were set up. The real intention was to lure them into a trap. The Grifter is hit by a stasis cannon held by the possessed Lonely. Zealot, believing her beloved Grifter has been killed, sets out to exact vengeance. She pursues the terrified Lonely in a relentless hunt across the city while the other WildCATS put the comatose Grifter into medical treatment at HQ and arrange for the anti-gravity device to be moved to a more secure location. However, this is all part of Helsponts plan. His drones have already taken control of the secure location and the WildCATS will be delivering the device into the Daemonites hands!

  • Marlowe has purchased Samosir Island and surrounded it with armament to keep Helspont away. Helspont is determined to attack the temple again but must first ensure the WildCATS are unable to stop him. He tricks the WildCATS into appearing to attack the President on national TV and gets them arrested by the Black Razor. The WildCATS could escape, but Marlowe orders them to cooperate. Helspont has just stolen the last two nuclear missiles in the world. One he plans to use to blast out the Temple. The other he intends to use on Ft. Knox, where the WildCATS are being held. The WildCATS are eager to fight, but Marlowe fears a nuclear disaster. Instead, he uses his financial clout to make the Daemonites trip with the missile trucks a living hell long enough for him to obtain evidence that clears them. The WildCATS are freed and destroy the missiles, sending the Daemonites into retreat.

  • Despite the tension of the situation, Warblade is determined to attend a martial-arts contest in Japan. A runner-up last year, he is sure to win this time. The others are more concerned with discovering the location of the Orb. Helspont has the coordinates, but they are in Kherubim star-maps eons of years old. The Daemonites must construct a huge supercomputer in Tibet to translate the map. As Warblade leaves to attend the contest, the WildCATS discover Helsponts activity in Tibet and go to investigate. But Helspont has anticipated this and taken precautions. A secret Daemoite psionic transmitter implanted in Marlowe gives him control over the WildCATS aircraft forcing it to crash. The WildCATS must battle the Daemonites in the snows of Tibet while Marlowe wages an internal war at HQ. Warblade, learning of their plight, must make the decision to forfeit the contest in order to return and save his companions.

  • Eons ago, the Kherubim Elders left clues to the location and use of the Orb on an onyx tablet. Helspont has hired an archeologist to find the tablet. But the archeologist is none other than Professor Stone Mauls father back when he was Jeremy Stone. Maul, who idolized his father, was ashamed to reveal that hed lost his own intellect by becoming the massive Maul and had never gone back home. Stone, believing his beloved son was dead, became harsh and embittered, a perfect candidate for Helsponts plans. The WildCATS manage to recover the tablet first while Stone and Maul discover the truth about each other and effect a reconciliation. But the WildCATS joy is short-lived. The tablet reveals that the Orb is protected by the Code of Threes and only Voodoo can control it. But before they can learn the location of the Orb, the tablet is stolen by the Daemonite forces. The race is heating up!

  • A Daemonite break-in at Halo Optical leads Marlowe to believe they need more security. And the Grifter knows just the man for the job. An ex-accomplice named Lonely, trained by the Grifter himself and just being released from prison. According to the Grifter, Lonely is eager to go straight and his burglary skills will give him excellent insight as head of Halo Security. But the Grifter doesnt know that Helspont anticipated this situation and has long since bought off Lonely to work for the Daemonites. Lonely betrays the Grifter and the WildCATS and steals the X-Ray lens that Helspont was after. And despite everything the Grifter can do, Lonely learns the ultimate price of working for the Daemonites becoming possessed.

  • Helspont needs a special government spy satellite in order to resume his quest for the Orb. In order to take control of the space program, he has the President of the United States possessed by a Daemonite. Voodoo has the power to stop his plans, but Helspont has taken care of her as well. By manufacturing false evidence that her parents are still alive and have come back for her, he manages to keep Voodoo too distracted to interfere. Only Maul, working secretly, manages to disclose the plot in time.

  • Working behind the scenes, Helspont has increased hostilities between Yurgovia and its neighbors, causing the Yurgovians to develop an earthquake weapon. It is Helsponts plan to steal the weapon for himself, to aid him in unearthing the Orb once it is found. The WildCATS have moved to stop him, but Helspont has an ace up his flaming sleeve. The Coda a secret organization of warrior women originally created by Zealot have turned mercenary and are now working for the Daemonites. Zealot must defeat the leader her ex-pupil in single combat in order to turn the Coda forces again the Daemonites.

  • Helspont sends the Troika to retrieve valuable computer information revealing the location of a top-secret fusion plant. The Troika successfully steal the information, but the ensuing battle with the WildCATS brings Spartan face-to-face with computer expert Karyn, an old flame from when he was flesh-and-blood. Karyn awakens old feelings in the cybernetic Spartan, and she convinces him to attempt the surgical rebuilding of his badly-damaged flesh-body so that they can be together again. This, however, will leave the WildCATS without a leader. Helspont seizes the opportunity to stage a raid on the secret fusion plant in order to recharge the Behemoth. Spartan must make the choice between being with the woman he loves or saving the Universe by remaining a machine forever.