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The Dumb Bunnies are very dopey creatures who never go about things in the usual way. They have a very unique way of interacting with the world. When it is hot outside, they pile on the layers of clothing. When they see a revolving door, they think it's a fun new ride. Their zeal for life means they always have a great time, though their peculiarities are always driving their neighbors, The Uppitys, crazy. Meanwhile, they need to be on the watch for the wily Sly Fox, who is always looking for a way to use their innocence against them.

2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
October 30, 1998
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Robert Smith, Rebecca Brenner, Ben Cook, Neil Crone
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Dumb Bunnies Full Episode Guide

  • When Baby accidentally captures an apprentice leprechaun named Paddy OBunny, the whole family becomes embroiled in a race to help him find his lost pot of gold. While Paddy tries to use luck to achieve his goals, the Dumb Bunnies forge ahead with hard (if often misguided) work. In the end Paddy learns that you cant always count on luck, but can always count on the Dumb Bunnies!

  • The Dumb Bunnies meet a very skittish police cadet named Jumpy at the drive-in one day (they like to go in the afternoon, its less crowded) and they soon become involved in a confrontation with Bunnyzilla, a giant helium filled balloon! Convinced that Bunnyzilla is after him, Jumpy tries to escape with the help of the Dumb Bunnies. Always willing to help out the police, the Dumb Bunnies are thrilled to be involved in what they see as Jumpys attempt to corral Bunnyzilla and bring him in peacefully. With the Dumb Bunnies encouragement and support, Jumpy is able to overcome his fears and bring a volatile and ridiculous situation to a satisfactory and amusing resolution.

  • The Dumb Bunnies head for a Dude Ranch at the invitation of Prissy, their next door neighbour (actually she only sent them a Wish You Were Here postcard, but anytime the Dumb Bunnies can grant a wish, they hop at the chance!) Upon their arrival they find that the Uppitys have been jailed for cattle rustling! The Dumb Bunnies set out to prove their friends innocence, which bring them head to head with a shady character by the name of Black Bart Bunny. Refusing to bow to threats and fear (or too dumb to recognize them as such) the Dumb Bunnies prove their loyalty to their friends and clear their names. Their actions inspire Black Bart to come clean and mend some fences of his own. Yippie -yi -oh- bunny!

  • The Dumb Bunnies travel to the far away country of Monte Carrot at the invitation of the Duke, so that they can act as playmates for the young Prince. We soon find though that the Princes sense of fair play and responsibility leave a lot to be desired and the Dumb Bunnies end up in the dungeon accused of high (and they dont even like heights) treason! In the end the Prince, inspired by the Dumb Bunnies example, takes responsibility for his actions and the Dumb Bunnies good name is cleared. Long live the Dumb Bunnies!

  • On Christmas Eve the Dumb Bunnies prepare their house to welcome Santa to their humble abode. Unfortunately their preparations (including a chimney greased with olive oil for faster sliding) only serve to help Santa throw his back out. The Dumb Bunnies volunteer to finish delivering presents to every bunny in Bunnyville. With no other options (and a really sore sciatica) Santa agrees and our heroes set out with Sly Fox to bring the joy of Christmas to all! But is that the joy of Christmas in Slys eye, or is it a glint of greed? Either way were in for the sleigh ride of a lifetime! Ho, ho, ho!

  • When Grampa Upppity comes to visit Bill and Sue, they dote over him like he is a helpless puppy, convinced that he can no longer fend for himself because of his age. Seeking stimulation, Prissy takes Grampa to meet the Dumb Bunnies and if you cant find stimulation there, the fire really has gone out. Through a series of mishaps the Dumb Bunnies, Grampa et al, find themselves in a time warp that takes them back to the age of the dinosaur. It is here that Grampa proves he still has a few tricks up his sleeve and together with the Dumb Bunnies manages to return them all to the present day, just in time to save Bunnyville from an impending volcano eruption! Now thats a full day at any age!

  • Baby Bunny brings home an assignment from school entitled Where Do Tomatoes Come From? and Momma and Poppa hop at the chance to help him find the answer. While most kids just consult an encyclopedia, the Dumb Bunnies turn a seemingly dull assignment into a worldwide adventure, involving secret agents, criminal masterminds and a penguin. Now thats creative problem solving!

  • When Bill Uppity plans to lead his daughter Prissy and her fellow Cottontail Campers on a hike to Bunny Peaks, he organizes it so perfectly that he has it figured out to the last detail. Prissy and the others campers sigh, because they know her dad remembers to bring everything on a hike...except the fun! Luckily, the one thing that Bill didnt plan on was the Dumb Bunnies tagging along! The Dumb Bunnies have a knack of unraveling the best laid plans and they teach Bill a lesson in leadership at the same time!

  • Baby Dumb Bunny and his classmates at Bunnyville Elementary are dismayed by the prospect of the principal Ms. Thump supervising their class trip to the library. Awww, shes no fun! She never smiles! So to lighten things up, Momma and Poppa volunteer to come along for the ride and cheer Ms. Thump up! And when the Dumb Bunnies come along for the ride, you just have to laugh. Or cry.

  • The Dumb Bunnies answer a distress call from their Uncle Clem, who needs their help in bringing in the crops at the family farm. Since its a Dumb Bunny family farm, it isnt in the country, but smack dab in the middle of the city! Can the Dumb Bunnies help their Uncle save the farm from being swallowed up by the ever encroaching skyscrapers, cement and land developers? Duh! Sure they can!

  • The Dumb Bunnies answer a distress call from their Uncle Clem, who needs their help in bringing in the crops at the family farm.

  • The Dumb Bunnies find the source of the Bunnyzon river on their way to the store for milk.

  • A little problem becomes too big to handle - except for Baby Bunny.

  • The Dumb Bunnies help their friend Prissy understands that home can be more fun than a circus.

  • The Dumb Bunnies help lose a race in order to wind back a kingdom.

  • The uppitys think their house has everything until a meteor land in the Dumb Bunnys backyard.

  • Ghosts are a lot of fun especially when they come to visit the Dumb Bunnies.

  • The Dumb Bunnies help Officer Moodie find the gem they are thought to have stolen.

  • Poppa Bunny loves to help his neighbours - even when theyre getting ready for the boss visit.

  • Magic is everywhere as Momma Bunny used her magic lamp to save Sly Foxs mountain expedition.

  • Baby Bunny befriends a lost puddle during a heat wave and helps it to find its way home.

  • The Dumb Bunnies make friends with everyone - even a family of sharks and the local beach bully.

  • The Dumb Bunnies save the world - and provide cheese for everyone

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