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Earl P. Sidebottom feels he has to take revenge on the school he attends after getting a D in a shop class, Earl and his sidekick Ratticus are geniuses who feel a D was an insult to their intelligence. Earl spends his time in the boiler room of his school plotting his revenge as The Phantom, whenever his plans begin to come to fruition a small group of kids from the school try to foil his plans. Billy, Marcus, Ruby and Lydia spend their days at school looking for signs The Phantom has returned and is trying to make life difficult for them.

Flying Rhino Junior High is a Animation & Cartoon series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 1998. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.7.

Flying Rhino Junior High is available for streaming on the Nelvana website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Flying Rhino Junior High on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
October 3, 1998
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Tracey Moore, Terri Hawkes, Edward Glen, Ashley Brown, Len Carlson
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Flying Rhino Junior High Full Episode Guide

  • A fire chief visits the school for a routine safety inspection and drops by the class to deliver a lesson on emergency preparedness and fire safety. An ensuing safety tour of the school is complicated by Earl who figures if Flying Rhino Junior High fails the safety inspection, the school will be shut down and HE will have the building all to himself! A few keystrokes later, the enviromaster has morphed the school into THE MOST dangerous place imaginable. Suddenly, everything is in a state of disrepair, exposed wiring abounds, the cafeteria floor is covered with grease, improperly labeled household cleaners lie about. Unfortunately, the visiting fire chief turns out to be a magnet for disaster and our heroes have their hands full trying to keep him out of trouble and in one piece.

  • The hot topic of the day is the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Billy, Lydia, Marcus, and Ruby are doing their part to help protect the environment by cleaning up the school. Earl, watching from the boiler room, scoffs, "Foolish children! Who cares about garbage?" He hands Raticus a pizza box with the remains of his lunch. Raticus throws the box into an old coal storage room which is already stuffed with garbage. He quickly slams the door shut. The Phantom cackles, "Out of sight, out of mind!" The kids echo those sentiments with their first solution to the school's garbage problem - they stuff all of it down the unused coal chute. But the extra garbage is too much for the storage room and explodes into the Boiler Room, burying Earl and Raticus. Furious, the Phantom transforms the trash pile into a living garbage-monster! Our heroes must make use of everything they know about reducing, reusing, and recycling to strip the garbage monster of, first, its organic elements, then, its aluminum elements, and, finally, its pure plastic form.

  • Ask anyone what Billys favorite movie is and theyll tell you: Daredevil Donnelly and the Amazon Adventure. Hes seen it twenty times. And with all of the hype surrounding the cheeseball classic release to video, Billy has caught Daredevil Donnelly fever all over again, suddenly patterning himself after the films dashing hero. He shows up at school sporting Daredevil Donnellys trademark fedora, toting Daredevils trademark lasso, spouting his trademark lines (Make way for adventure!, Stand back and be amazed!, etc.) Hes even got Daredevil Donnellys bluster and bombast down pat. Well, Billys heroic posturing proves too much for Earl who decides to transform the school in a real-life Amazon adventure. But, alas, the thick-headed Raticus inadvertently triggers the morph while Earl is topside fixing a camera and before you know it, the Phantom (in a less-than-clever Heidi disguise) has joined our heroes on a hair-raising ride down the Amazon. Over the course of the adventure, Billys heroic posturing only serves to heighten their dangerous predicament. But, eventually, Daredevil OToole gives way to Billy OToole as our hero steps up and does something Donnelly never did - help rescue his friends from a REAL Amazon adventure!

  • Lydia allows her stint as hallway monitor to go to her head. Super-bossy, she delights in setting down rules and regulations for the others to follow. Earl finds the whole situation endlessly amusing - until Lydia vows to crack down on individuals holding overdue library books. She wouldnt dare, thinks Earl, glancing over at the cobweb-covered pile of library books lying beside him. Would she? Incensed, Earl morphs the school into a lawless town right out of the Old West. Lydia, assuming the mantle of Sheriff, sets out to bring her own brand of justice to the place. She succeeds - perhaps a little too well. With everyone in the hoosegow, whos going to back her up when the nefarious Harwood Gang rides into town? Ultimately, her friends come through for her in the end as Lydia comes to realize a simple truth: its bad to be bossy.

  • Its student election time and Billy and Ruby are both vying for the coveted title of school president. Though initially friendly, their rivalry heats up and, before you know it, the mud starts flying. When Earls petition to include HIS name on the ballot is rejected, matters are complicated by the late-entry of a mysterious third candidate. Buoyed by a glitzy ad campaign (compliments of his spin doctor/campaign manager the Phantom), the third candidate (none other than Raticus in a clever disguise) shoots ahead in the polls. If Billy and Lydia are to defeat this upstart, they must clean up their acts and work together. In the end, they learn that no ones a winner when you dont play fair - a fact confirmed by the other students who, disgusted with the dirty campaign, end up electing Fred Smertz as a write-in candidate.

  • Curiosity gets the best of Billy, Marcus, and Ruby when they try to sneak a peek in Lydias class journal. Lydia, understandably upset, accuses them of snooping and informs them that her journal is private. Besides, whos to say shes been writing about them? She could be writing about anyone - her parents, her Uncles cat, Earl. Earl? Convinced that Lydia is writing about him, Earl transforms the school into a 60s spy-scape and dispatches a rogues gallery of spies to retrieve the document. With time ticking down, Billy, Marcus, Ruby, and Lydia must outmaneuver the colorful henchmen and deliver the journal into the proper hands (in this case, Mrs. Snodgrass, patiently waiting for them to turn in their journal assignments). In the end, Billy, Marcus and Ruby forego the opportunity to sneak a peek at Lydias journal, learning a valuable lesson about the need to respect the privacy of others.

  • Billy is the only student who didn't make his own Earth Science project to be judged in class. He put off building the 'weather nullifier' he designed, using the time to play baseball and watch TV instead. With no time left to make the project, Billy ended up having to buy one. Before the judging takes place, Earl submits his own project, a "preter atmospheric generator" that he believes will win. When it doesn't, Earl angrily turns it on, unleashing a tornado, a mudslide and a thunderstorm on the school! When Billy's nullifier fails to work, he finally builds the one he was supposed to for class. Only then, is Earl's weather attack stopped, and a lesson in the perils of procrastination learned.

  • Billy is busy boasting about how well he plays Marcus's new medieval castle video game. He is so keen to prove his ability that he plays during class but gets caught by Mrs. Snodgrass who confiscates Marcus' game forever. Earl fondly remembers the worlds first video game that he invented. He too had been caught playing in class and had his computer game confiscated; robbing Earl of all his video game fame and glory. Earl becomes increasingly angry over his lost opportunity and turns the school into the game "Wolf Castle 3D". The gang counts on Billy to see them through since he knows the game so well. Facing villain after villain Billy is finally forced to confess he never played the game at all and doesn't know a thing about it. Luckily Marcus does know the game - very well since he created it. Billy, Lydia, Marcus and Ruby work together to hack into Earls computer and turn the school back to normal.

  • Mrs. Snodgrass is introducing the great classic "Frankenstein" to the class just as Lydia arrives with a bulky new addition to her braces. Teased about her appearance, Lydia is made to feel like a monster by the other children. Earl, inspired by the genius of Baron von Frankenstein, decides to morph the school into a Bavarian village complete with a deadly and ferocious monster. Raticus is sent out to retrieve body parts for Earls creation but substitutes a big wad of bubble gum for the creature's brain. The monster turns out to be sweet, bumbling and misunderstood instead of fearsome and dangerous. Lydia and the monster, both feeling outcast because of their looks, have to prove to the others that you shouldn't judge a person based on their appearance.

  • Inspired by a classic horror film, Mrs. Snodgrass builds an exact replica of Egyptian tomb and brings it to class. Lydia mocks the movie, claiming it is just a story and has no basis in fact. Earl, a big fan of the film becomes so enraged he Morphs the school into an Egyptian tomb. The gang has to find their way out of the maze of corridors to stop Earl and return the school back to normal. But when Lydia takes a scarab from the tomb of the Mummy, it sets in motion "the curse of Pharaoh Phinster" Marcus, also a big fan of the movie, knows what to expect at every turn because events occur exactly as in the movie. Lydia, however, doesn't believe anything that isn't documented in her reference book about Egypt. Each person has to listen to the others' views before they are sealed up in the tomb forever.

  • Earl gets irate when Mrs. Snodgrass praises Billy and Marcus' model space shuttle as the most ambitious she's ever seen. Earl hauls out his old model of the solar system and expands it to life-size to remind her of his great work. But the planets are all out of order and turn the school into a massive galaxy that's going to hurtle the Earth right into the Sun! Billy tries to re-align the solar system by knocking planets into their proper places with their space shuttle, but takes short cuts that threaten to ruin the mission. Marcus reins in Billy's rushed effort and calmly figures out a way to divert the sun, sending it crashing into Earl's boiler room! Marcus saves the school and Billy learns the value of careful preparation and planning.

  • Ruby and Marcus get entangled in a sibling battle for personal space during a class on undersea life. When Ruby stops to giggle over a fish that looks just like Earl, Earl gets so mad that he floods the school with giant hungry fish! A lonely only child, Earl also abhors siblings who can't get along and enjoys plunging them into "an ocean of space"! Drawing on a home economics lesson about cooking, the kids plunge underwater in a pressure cooker to unclog the drain (and drain out the school). But Marcus and Ruby are so caught up in sibling strife that they threaten to upset the pot's delicate balance. Only when the two siblings agree to respect each other's space and work together can the kids successfully open the drain and flood Earl's boiler room!

  • Earl gets so upset by inaccuracies in a game of "dinosaurs" Jeopardy that he decides to give the students a first hand account of the early Mesozoic era by filling the halls with computer-generated Veloceraptors and T-Rexes! None of the kids know how to get rid of these massive monsters, except for Marcus, but he lacks the confidence to express his ideas. Only when he's urged to speak up does Marcus voice his plan to freeze the school and send the dinosaurs to the only local source of heat - Earl's boiler room! Marcus' plan saves the school and helps him build the confidence to express himself.