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What's Eating You? is an expose-style show that examines the ins and outs, ups and downs, and trials and tribulations of eating disorders. The show, shot in a documentary of running commentary and reenactments, aims to uncover the myths and facts about those who suffer from eating disorders.

What's Eating You? uses each episode to explore one person's story about their struggle with a variety of eating disorders. One episode, for example, will focus on the true story of a man who struggles with bulimia, while another might deal with the ongoing struggle of an anorexic teenager. Over the course of the show viewers are exposed to the background of how the eating disorder slowly took hold of the individual featured. They eventually learn the mechanism behind the disorder, and the treatment plan that is set into motion for the focus of the show.

Experts in the medical field, psychological field, and the nutrition field are featured. Each expert offers commentary on the particular case being featured on each episode. A registered dietitian, a licensed psychologist, and a medical doctor are featured on each episode. Many episodes also include commentary from a PHd who has dedicated her research to the study of eating disorders and what causes them.

The goal of each show is to lead those featured on the show towards treatment for their problem, with the ultimate outcome being the rehabilitation of these patients back into normal society with a healthy mindset towards food, fitness and body image.

What's Eating You? offers viewers a realistic, unbiased and research-based view into the world of disordered eating. Each episode often includes a bit of history, and a sociological view of the rise of these psychological problems in the most commonly afflicted demographic. The show, secondarily, dispels common misconceptions about eating disorders and those who suffer from them the most.

What's Eating You? is a Reality series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on October 13, 2010.

What's Eating You? is available for streaming on the E! website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch What's Eating You? on demand at iTunes online.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
October 13, 2010
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What's Eating You? Full Episode Guide

  • Melissa is anorexic and has struggled with consuming as many as 200 packets of artificial sweetener per day. Claudine works to overcome her debilitating addiction to eating chalk.

  • Amanda is a model who struggles with accepting a heavier version of herself after stopping her purging habits while Nickey, a mother of two, tries to heal childhood wounds which have influenced a lifelong tendency to restrict her food intake.

  • Mona, is a successful musician, who struggles with obese binge eating following her gastric banding surgery while Andrew, a former track star, struggles to escape the devastating isolation brought on by his bulimia.

  • Gaby struggles to overcome her jealousy of her identical twin while Jennifer, an aspiring actress, struggles with her uncontrollable binge episodes_4-18 which cause her to eat everything in sight - including trash

  • Marc, a bulimic with severe OCD, deals with his abusive childhood memories which gave rise to his disorder, while Kristy, a former model and mother of two, fights a 23-year binge/purge addiction that has damaged her body and threatens to destroy her family.

  • Adrienne, a successful dancer, attempts to overcome her years of dysmorphia-induced anorexia after her career is jeopardized by her startling appearance, while Danni tries to suppress her bulimic tendencies which have already cost her family more than $100,000 and could ultimately cost Danni her life.