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Yoga Classes! What better way to get in shape and hit your New Year's resolution than doing one of the most exciting and popular workouts that exist today? Everyone is always trying to get in shape by hitting the weights or running long distance, but you can do something right in your own home that will get both your mind and body in amazing shape too. Yoga is practiced in nearly every country and dates its origin back to ancient India. How many workouts can say that?

Yoga helps to teach your body to become more flexible, gain increased stamina, and overall gives a great cardio workout. You will be surprised at how much better you can move after only a few workouts and you will feel exceptional. The workout also helps relax your mind after a long day and reduces stress, something we could all use in today's busy lifestyles. Don't take Yoga as something quick and easy though! It will take you some time to get used to the poses and moves, but practice makes perfect. Keep it up and you will be a Yoga master before you know it.

Turn on the Yoga Classes and get your space ready by dimming lights, putting a Yoga mat down, grabbing some water, and turning on some light music (if you'd like!). The mood of your space while doing Yoga helps promote stress reduction and you want to be sure you're comfortable! Also be sure to go at your own pace and do not do more than your body can handle. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body and mind and achieve that inner peace.

Take a chance and give Yoga a shot. There is no reason to not meet your fitness goals and look (and feel) great every day! Namaste!

My Yoga
1 Season, 8 Episodes
January 29, 2010
Health & Fitness
Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes Full Episode Guide

  • This restorative yoga class is perfect for those suffering from insomnia or feeling stuck in 'stress mode' in their nervous system with a mind that won't turn off.

  • This flow was designed to reduce anxiety through balancing and calming breathing exercises. The first flow of asanas are vigorous with the intention of releasing excess energy. The second were chosen to calm the nervous system and release tension.

  • This hatha yoga class offers a multi-level approach to exploring back bending postures. Each back bend is given options to suit your level of progress. An advanced set of hand balancing postures completes this energizing yoga practice.

  • Lengthen and strengthen from the core of the body out, with this practice that infuses Yoga into Pilates matwork exercises.

  • In this short, invigorating yoga flow, Kreg Weiss instructs Rick Coe through a mini routine sure to increase your energy and vitality.

  • Start your day with a few minutes of focused breathing and stretches to open your body and awaken your mind. Gentle but effective movements shake off tiredness and increase the flow of energy through the spine and central nervous system.

  • Smart Yoga: This workshop class serves as an introduction to power yoga. Jesse outlines vital alignment and modifications that will enable a new power yoga student to practice intelligently and safely, preventing injuries, and maximizing benefits.

  • There are 3 rhythms in the body, that of the heart, the breath and the brainwaves. This short but sweet namaskar connects you to these inner rhythms.

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