Yomibo: Darkness, The Hat and The Travelers of the Books

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The story follows the travels of Hazuki Azuma, a tall, brooding high-school girl, as she searches for her adopted older sister and love interest, Hatsumi, in many different "book worlds".

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1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 2, 2003
Yomibo: Darkness, The Hat and The Travelers of the Books

Yomibo: Darkness, The Hat and The Travelers of the Books Full Episode Guide

  • Gargantua, Hazuki and Lilith all argue over Jill/Hatsumi/Eve, who stops their bickering. She then tries to set things right. Gargantua finally realizes that it is Ritsuko that he loves.

  • With Lilith's help, the ship warps within reach of a suitable planet. The children land on the planet with the DNA samples of Earth's animals.

  • Lilith and Hazuki arrive aboard a colonization spaceship where a computer is caring for a whole cohort of children. A habitable planet must be found soon for the survival of the children.

  • A charged-up Hazuki rescues Princess Fuji. Meilin gets summoned to Gargantua's dimension because he thought she had the comb. In flashback, Lilith accepts MarielĀs soul from Gargantua in exchange for a world of his own.

  • Hazuki saves a fox spirit, Meilin, from a band of samurai in a feudal Japanese world. She encounters Princess Fuji, who looks identical to Hatsumi except that she speaks. Ninjas intent on gaining Princess Fuji's mysterious power attack the mansion.

  • Milka is saved by her white tiger. Arya reveals that Seiren was a demoness spawned by Lilith and that Seiren is only interested in harnessing Milka's power. A long flashback shows Hazuki and Hatsumi's life before the latter's disappearance.

  • Ritsuko is serving the Princess Mariel. Mariel falls for the charms of Gargantua, now an alchemist. His attempt to sacrifice her is foiled by Ritsuko, but the princess is rendered half-demon and takes her own life.

  • Hazuki meets Lilith and learns that she herself possesses the essence of the protector of the Great Library. Hazuki accepts Lilith's help traveling the worlds and Hazuki, Ken-chan and Lilith set off in search of the missing sister.

  • On board the train, Yoko confronts the Colonel and is sheltered by the Siberian Tiger. In the ensuing chaos, they are confronted at gun point by undercover spies. Yoko recovers from a battle on the train and the trio bonds.

  • Hatsumi Azuma disappears on the morning of her 16th birthday. Along with a feathered companion and a keeper of the Great Library named Lilith, Hatsumi's adopted sister, Hazuki, goes world-hopping in search of her.