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Africa is an exciting, adventurous and completely consuming show on the Discovery Channel. The cameras take an inside look at Africa as it has never been seen before. The crew filmed this documentary with state of the art aerial cameras and ultra high speed, time lapse, and low light photography. This allowed them to capture sights never before seen by the audience. This journey took four years to make, starting in the dessert of Tunisia and ending in the Cape. It is co-produced by BBC and it is a seven part series that will introduce the world to new species, new animal behaviors, and new places including two rainforests that have never before been filmed. They explore the world's largest underground lake and diverse eco systems to bring the most exciting and thrilling natural spectacles ever seen.

Africa is a continent that holds many secrets, and during this documentary some of the secrets are revealed, no one can say they have all been revealed. Once scientist thought they knew all about Africa but this documentary opens up the truth and exposes animal behavior they never thought existed. This journey inspires amazement and curiosity to learn more and to preserve what is there. The cameras bring the continent alive as never before to be enjoyed, appreciated and viewed by everyone. Thoughts of Africa will never again be the same; this documentary has changed how Africa is seen and how it holds its secrets close.

This documentary takes a look at how fast Africa is changing, it is changing faster now than in any other time in history. The next generation of animals will face different challenges than its ancestors before it. Not only will they have to adapt to an increasingly changing landscape but they will also have to learn how to deal with their ever changing relationship with humans.

National Geographic
2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
Documentary & Biography, Nature
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  • Additional footage from the series.

  • The Congo rainforest covers the very heart of Africa, it is a dynamic and pulsating habitat, packed with life. From the competitive center of the forest to the open edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this is all about carving out space in a crowded world. When darkness falls, the atmosphere changes. Using specialist technology we discover a luminescent landscape as the forest glows in the dark. Tiny frogs battle it out using kung-fu moves then hide their precious eggs in folded blades of grass. Great herds of elephants gather at a mystery meeting place to socialize under cover of darkness, and the three ton titan bulls cause the ground to shake as they meet in furious combat, terrifying the other animals and hurling trees to the ground with their passion. Here in the Congo, no matter how tough the competition, you must stand up and fight for yourself and your patch.

  • Wines should be able to tell you about their history. If this piece of winemaker's wisdom also extends to South Africa, then the wines of the Cape region should have a bitter aftertaste - a taste of slavery, exploitation and inhumane working conditions.

  • Before the arrival of Europeans, they controlled large swathes of southern Africa.

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