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The television show All Grown Up follows the babies of Rugrats to their teenage years. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Susie, Dil and the gang are all back in this series. They may still be friends, but they're all finding their own individual styles, leaving them further apart than before.

Tommy, who was the leader of the group, is now more into being by himself. He loves his music and films and even hopes to be a filmmaker one day. His brother, Dil, is quite the opposite, always wanting to hang out with Tommy and Phil, and is found to be quite odd by many. Chuckie, who was once the reluctant one, is now into pulling pranks and breaking the rules, trying to prove he's not the same scared little boy he once was. His little sister Kimi is close to him, but she's quite the opposite of the scared kid he used to be. With her bright dyed hair and unique style, Kimi isn't afraid to stand out.

Twins Phil and Lil used to do everything together, but now that they're older the brother and sister are growing apart. Lil is growing into a young lady, and she's shying away from the tomboy things she used to do with her brother. Meanwhile, Angelica and Susie are good friends. Angelica has an advice column called "Ask Angelica," so she's still sharing her opinions with others, although this time they actually want to hear it. Susie loves to sing and is one of the more popular girls in school. They still have their differences like when they were kids, despite their new-found friendship.

All Grown Up shows the little kids most people came to know and love as they are growing and maturing. Their toys and little kid adventures are long gone, and they now are learning lessons of life.

5 Seasons, 55 Episodes - Canceled
August 11, 2001
Animation & Cartoons
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  • The rats are up in the Finster attic searching for Halloween costumes when they discover a carving of a heart and the initials "T.P. + K.P." in the heart. Everyone immediately questions Tommy who claims he doesn't know anything about the heart. Chuckie believes Tommy at first but becomes suspicious of him.

  • Dil receives an alien autopsy from a 11th grader and makes plans to watch it with Tommy, while his parents are at an Invention Convention. But when Didi tells them that Grandpa Lou is going to babysit them, they decide to make plans to watch it in the basement, by making Grandpa Lou fall asleep. While, sneaking downstairs Grandpa Boris comes over and starts fighting with Grandpa Lou. So the boys decide to try to make both of them fall asleep before Dil has to return it to the 11th grader that gave the tape too him.

  • Kimi and Susie start a petition to ban cell phones in school. When Angelica finds out she starts her own petition to allow them. However when no one will sign her petition because she was mean to them she makes Chuckie help her so they will sign it.

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