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America's Funniest Home Videos is a classic TV show that aired throughout the 90's and into the 2000's. This was the beginning of the "home video" craze that now exists on YouTube and all throughout the internet. The show was hosted by Bob Saget and was always able to bring on the laughs. He was a professional actor/comedian and was arguably the perfect host for the show. After a few new hosts, the show is now hosted by Tom Bergeron and continues to be a big hit.

What Are The Videos About?

The show has a very simple concept of airing videos that people send in and only the funniest videos are showed. There are several segments of the show that continue to be played even though they are considered old. However, the videos are always new and people still send in their home videos to hopefully win the grand prize.

What Did The Owners Of The Videos Get?

In some selected episodes, certain videos were chosen as $10,000 winners. This was great incentive for those that had a camera and wanted to win some extra money. People were now always looking to catch something on camera and this was something that changed the generation. Parents would constantly keep taking video and would often catch a few funny accidents. In return, the video owners would have the chance to even win the $100,000 grand prize that went to one winner a year.

How Are The Videos Decided?

The videos were chosen as the winner by voting. The general public would either vote through the phone or the internet and this helped make the interaction with the viewers. There were other special contests during the series and they would have different names like "Battle Of The Best" and "Dancing Machine." These contests were very enjoyable and the audiences just chose which one they liked the most.

America's Funniest Home Videos started in 1990 and it slowly became everyone's favorite show. After being on air for more than 20 years, the show is still going strong and is one of the most influential shows of this generation. Though the show's concept is found on other platforms like the internet, there is still nothing like watching home videos on ABC and just sitting back and having a good laugh.

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America's Funniest Home Videos Full Episode Guide

  • Featuring clips of dogs playing games with a skeleton; a boy slow-dances with a mop; a little kid falls asleep on the stairs; girls getting their hair caught in things; a lady who left the Halloween candy in the oven and forgot about it; and practical jokes gone wrong.

  • The battle is on for the first $100,000 prize of the season. Clips include: a child that can't break stuff; a boy with nausea who sets of a chain reaction; a cat with a brain freeze; a kid with a minimal Christmas list; and a kid who laughs at a donkey.

  • Some clips for this episode are a musical array of naught dogs and cats; a lady who puts together an innovative meal to let her husband know she is expecting; a little gal who blames her dolls for having nail polish all over them; and a man who drops his wife's breakfast he just fixed for her. In addition Alfonso Ribeiro plays "Who's Makin' that Racket?"

  • Christmas videos: tree-trimming mess-ups; a boy who wants cough drops rather than toys; a workman that has a ladder break through a glass door; and a welder's hair catching fire.

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