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Amish Mafia is a reality show that appears on the Discovery Channel. The show is about a secretive subculture of people who live in Lancaster County, PA, and act as the Amish Mafia. The men collect fees from businesses, handle the money of the community, complete insurance claims and give out money to people who need it.

The main people on the show are Lebanon Levi, Jolin, Alvin, John and Esther. Lebanon Levi is the head of the gang of men. He inherited his position from his father after John's father died when he was a young boy. Alvin is his right-hand man since the two grew up together.

Jolin is a Mennonite man who acts as Levi's enforcer. He has a heart, but on matters of business he can be very tough to deal with. John and Esther are siblings. He was allowed to work for Levi because his sister called in a favor.

Lebanon Levi has a romantic interest in Esther, but she likes Jolin. She uses Levi's interest in her to help her brother John get more jobs from Levi. Esther and John are Old Order Amish and have only basic necessities, including a horse and buggy. The other men drive cars even though the Amish Church forbids it.

Levi is often asked to do favors from members of the community. He also runs hut parties and fights to make additional money. He hates drugs, and throughout the series it is shown that he likes the responsibility of helping his Amish community.

Merlin is added to the mix after the first episode. He is from Holmes County, Ohio, and wants to take over Lancaster County from Levi. He is a hardcore man who uses his connection with John to make John do his bidding for him. The two men are at odds, and Merlin uses dangerous tactics to try to gain an advantage in the community. All of the men want power, and they will do anything to get it.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
4 Seasons, 36 Episodes - Currently Airing
December 12, 2012
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family
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Amish Mafia Full Episode Guide

  • On the series finale, Levi divulges his biggest secret, Diefel Doug abandons his followers, and Alan attempts to fill the power vacuum.

  • Susanna surprises Levi. Doug wants Alan and Caleb to exact revenge.

  • Levi and the Mennonites compete for the book of Menno; the Constable investigates Levi further; Merlin and Mary address uncomfortable truths.

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