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The Canadian/American teenage horror/fantasy series "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" follows a group of friends who call themselves "The Midnight Society." These friends meet around a campfire in the woods every week to tell each other horror stories. Viewers then get to see the story acted out in front of them as the members of The Midnight Society narrate them. These stories include anything from vampires, goblins, and ghosts to wizards, dragons, and leprechauns, and don't always conclude with happy endings. Each meeting of The Midnight Society begins with one of its members tossing a handful of midnight dust into the campfire, which causes the fire to grow and produce strange white smoke. The Midnight Society member then begins his or her tale of horror. At the episode's conclusion, another member throws a bucket of water onto the campfire and declares that the meeting of The Midnight Society is now closed.

10 Seasons, 67 Episodes - Canceled
October 31, 1990
Children, Family
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  • When Justin buys a strange looking miniature door from Sardo at the Magic Mansion in order to meet girls, he gets more than he bargained for. When he looks through this door, he sees a girl trapped in a burning house--is this the girl he's supposed to meet? When a new girl moves into the neighborhood, Justin is desperate to meet her-especially since he has seen her through the magic door. He has to figure out some way to save her--but from what?

  • Jeff and Ted are always arguing about the name of their band, and what kind of music they should play. They can't agree more about much, except getting Jeff's dad's satellite dish to beam down exotic television signals. When Jeff accidentally beams up a piece of music to a distant galaxy, they get a visitor they never expected, and now Jeff has to figure out how his music can communicate with a creature from beyond the solar system in order to save Ted and his brother Bobby.

  • At a summer camp, a group of kids are sent out for an overnight camping trip under the supervision of Jaimie, one of the counselors. Jonah, the smallest of the group and always being picked on by Jaimie, accidentally sets free an old Native-American Shaman. The Shaman was imprisoned in a cave in the woods, and now unleashed, seeks to exact revenge on all those who enter his woods by summoning the Manaha -- strange monsters from Indian legend. It takes all of Jonah's wits to save the campers.

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Watch a 15-Year-Old Ryan Gosling in 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?'

Just for kicks, since it's the weekend: Here's Ryan Gosling in an episode of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" from 1995, in which the future heartthrob and Internet meme was just 15 years old. It's kinda hilarious. Watch the video here!

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