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Baby Daddy is a new comedy that has come to television this year. It is broadcasted on ABC Family and appropriate for kids of all ages. The story line of this show reminds many of the older show 3 men and a baby. This show is about a guy named Ben who is young and very irresponsible. He lives in an apartment with his best friend and brother. They are all obsessed with partying and finding new women. Ben has a very overbearing mother who loves to give him a hard time all the time. He also has a friend named Riley who has had a crush on him since they were kids. One day he wakes up and there is a baby on his porch. He then realizes that it is his baby and has to take care of it since the mother of his child dropped it on his doorstep. At first he is very irresponsible but he eventually over time realizes that he has to be the best father he can be for his daughter Emma.

Throughout the series it shows you the obstacles of a single man trying to live a normal life and still be a father. He has tons of help throughout the show but something seems to always go wrong. This is a great comedy that many have started watching and will continue to watch. If you are looking for a family friendly show to watch then this might be the show for you!

Wednesday 8:30 PM et/pt on FreeForm
5 Seasons, 89 Episodes
June 20, 2012
Comedy, Family
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Baby Daddy Full Episode Guide

  • Ben forgets Emma's birthday and tries to combine her birthday party with a beer stand at the neighborhood street fair, but it doesn't go exactly as he imagined.

  • The guys are afraid their girlfriends could be pregnant after Emma ruins Ben's stash of condoms, and the ladies pretend to show signs of pregnancy to force the guys into confessing the truth.

  • When Ben's first date with his new lover gets off to a rocky start, Danny and Riley intervene to help sort out the couple's issues, but their efforts quickly cause more harm than good.

  • Ben and Riley are in over their heads in their respective relationships. Together they hatch a plan to execute their break ups.

  • Ben pretends to be Bonnie's husband, Brad, to prove to her friends she has an attractive, younger lover. When Danny begins dating a beautiful actress as a publicity stunt, Riley tries to make him jealous.

  • Bonnie is upset when Ben invites her estranged mother to a family weekend at Emma's preschool. Meanwhile, Riley and Tucker take an improv class to supplement their careers.

  • Ben reveals he never graduated from high school and decides go back to set the standard for Emma.

  • Ben discovers Tucker has been making money on the side - donating sperm.

  • Ben questions his feelings for Sam and Zoey after Sam invites him, Riley and Danny to the Hamptons. Riley finds some old home movies of the group's high school days.

  • When Sam reveals she may have to quit her job because she's tire of the commute, Ben comes up with a master plan to keep her close to work.

  • Now starring on a popular television series, Emma's mom, Angela, shows up unexpectedly to visit her. Initially, Ben is hesitant, but when Angela claims she can help get Emma into a good preschool, Ben allows it, but asks Riley to keep an eye on them.

  • When Danny discovers Ben is still Riley's emergency contact, he discounts Ben and Riley's relationship. So, when Ben attempts to prove that his and Riley's relationship meant something, the situation becomes awkward for Riley and Danny.

  • When Tucker finds Zoey snooping around his apartment, he jumps to conclusions and decides to ask her out. However, Zoey believes Tucker is setting her up with Ben.

  • Ben thinks Tucker needs to stand up for himself to his boss Mary Hart, so he films her berating him to prove his mistreatment. But when Emma accidentally uploads the video online, the video goes viral.

  • When Emma starts calling every woman she sees "Mommy," Ben decides he needs to settle down.

  • In the fifth season premiere, Riley faints after Danny asks her to marry him and has no recollection of the proposal when she wakes up. In an effort to move on, Ben decides to find "his Riley" and immediately hits it off with new neighbor Zoey.

  • After Bonnie's wedding planner quits, Charlotte steps in, but what is her motive? Ben decides to let Danny and Riley have a chance at romantic happiness.

  • The friends head to Las Vegas, where one of Tucker's secrets is revealed.

  • The gang fails to safeguard a cherished item of Bonnie's.

  • Riley plans a party to meet Ross' friends. Danny tries to dig up more information about his new girlfriend.

  • Ben tries to figure out who would be responsible enough to assume custody of Emma if something were to happen to him.

  • Ben is determined to corrupt Riley's boyfriend. Bonnie wants in on the boys' poker game.

  • Riley has to represent Tucker in a lawsuit. Bonnie is doubtful the boys will be be able to run the bar.

  • Ben and Riley's pasts are back to haunt them. Danny makes an investment in the future.

  • Ben is determined to look after Emma all on his own. Bonnie and Danny become rivals in the kitchen.

  • After her disastrous confession to Danny, Riley runs away to her parents' house.

  • Riley is feeling the pressure to tell Danny she has feelings for him before it's too late.

  • Bonnie takes on her ex-boyfriend for the right to sell Jon Bon Jovi's New York penthouse.

  • A family secret could ruin Bonnie's birthday.

  • Ben and Tucker are recruited by the Navy.

  • Tucker's past comes back to haunt him. Riley abuses her privileges.

  • Ben and Danny make bets on their mom's love life.

  • The boys team up with Bonnie to trick her tenant out of his apartment lease.

  • When Riley saves Ben from a mugging, they tell their story on Mary Hart's program.

  • Danny seeks help from an unexpected source.

  • Riley reveals she knows Danny's true feelings.

  • Grumpy Ben's wish eradicates the Christmas holiday, as well as Emma's existence.

  • Ben, Danny and Tucker get into trouble with the law when their plans to attend a big Halloween party go awry.

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