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Beach Volleyball has become one of the most popular events many people are watching these days. This is thanks to the fact that it does change up some of the basic rules that have been associated with the game in the past. Beach volleyball makes some creative changes to the traditional set of volleyball rules. The game is played on a sandy court, which tends to different from the regular hard court.

When Beach Volleyball is played, the teams are also minimized to just two players on each squad. This has a substantial effect on the flow of the game, helping players score. Each tandem will need to work in cooperation with one another to make the most out of these matches. Players will need to understand more about how the game itself will be played going forward.

Beach Volleyball has been recently accepted as a game at the Olympics, adding to its overall profile. This has helped to create an all new atmosphere for the Olympics, since few other games are played on a beach setting. The sport also showcases a world championship series, which tends to draw in players from all over the world. Fans will be watching to see how these teams tend to square off against one another.

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Beach Volleyball
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  • As the tournament in Rome begins to draw to a close, Germany and Latvia clash in the Men's Bronze Medal match.

  • Further coverage of the tournament in Rome. In this edition, the Czech Republic takes on Brazil in the Women's Semi-finals, followed by the Women's Bronze Medal Match.

  • Highlights from the 2011 tournament in Rome. China take on the USA in the Women's Semi-final.

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