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Science may seem boring, and dull with daunting facts, but not while watching "Beakman's World". Welcome into the zany and fun place that is "Beakman's World"; a children's educational show that makes science and learning a relatable, hands on, experience. The show explains the science behind things such as levers, bubbles, and electricity, and yes, flatulence.

Each episode of "Beakman's World" begins with two sarcastic puppet penguins, Herb and Don whom introduce the show and exchange snappy remarks to one another as they turn on their TV that leads the viewer into the world of Beakman.

The host of the show; Beakman, is a man with a high top hairdo, a green professor's lab coat and sneakers. The host answers questions from kids about snow, mirrors, paint, yo-yo's etc. with the aid of props and cartoons. Beakman also performs experiments with lots of funny sound effects and slapstick comedy.

Beakman is joined by his sidekick Lester the Lab Rat, who is a guy dressed up in a large rat costume. Lester is not as enthusiastic about science and all its wonders as his friend. Lester approaches experiments with smart remarks and jokes, until food is involved. Lester was once enticed into an experiment after being offered the jelly from a plate of donuts.

There is also a female character named Josie. Josie clothes are colorful and funky. It was Josie's job, to read the letters from viewers. Josie also announced commercial breaks and teasers for what happens next on the show. Liza later replaced the role of the female assistant, and in the last season, Phoebe followed Liza.

This show is great for the whole family to watch. Not only does it make learning fun for the little ones but also has some mild adult humor for the older viewers to enjoy. It's no wonder this series ran for four seasons and went on to win many awards for day time television.

4 Seasons, 91 Episodes - Canceled
September 18, 1992
Learning & Education, Children
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Beakman's World Full Episode Guide

  • Beakman gets his hands on some facts about fingerprinting and then gives a crystal-clear recipe for crystalline formations. Finally, the science crew gets gassed up on some interesting information about flatulence.

  • Beakman horses around with some facts about horses. Horses were tamed and ridden more than 5,000 years ago and used for sports, in war and as transporters.

  • Beakman discovers a zoo of animals in a drop of water and reveals the delicate diet of baby birds in "What's for Lunch?"

  • Beakman toys around with Newton's third law of motion by building his own toy Beakmobile. Beakman and his trusty science team crack open a question about egg-laying mammals, and Nurse Phoebe uses nature's healer -- ice -- to cool Lester's wounds.

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