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Did you know Foreigners mega hit, Jukebox Hero, was actually written in only half an hour? Or that they are the only band that had two rock singles in one album that sold a million copies each? Did you know that Megadeath was formed by Dave Mustaine and he did it to get revenge at being fired from Metallica? How about the fact that the first band Dave was in was called Panic? Debby Harry of Blondie was once a playboy bunny for nine months. Did you know that Blondies hit song, Heart of Glass, sounded like a reggae song until their music producer, Mike Chapman, suggested giving it a different sound? VH1s Behind the Music Remastered gives you many interesting facts about the music and the artists that have been around for years and is still being played today. VH1s Behind the Music Remastered gives you many unknown facts about some of musics greatest icons.

VH1s Behind the Music Remastered television series, narrated by Jim Forbes, takes some of the worlds iconic music artists and bands and gives you a detailed biography of their rise to fame, their success, and sometimes even their downfall. The series selects a broad range of music genres from country, rap, pop, rock, and even heavy metal. They take artists from the past 10-15 years and will give you an update as to what the artist or band are currently doing present day.

The music series takes artists that they have previously shown and re-airs the episode using new footage, interviews from the band members and singers themselves, concert footage, pictures, and even home videos from the stars themselves. You can watch the new episode of the band, Foreigner, one of the most successful bands of the 70s and 80s and see what the band is doing currently. Other music artists and band examples are heavy metal band Megadeath, and the hit punk band Blondie.

Thursday 9:00PM et/pt on VH1
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February 6, 2010
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Behind the Music Remastered Full Episode Guide

  • A revamped profile of classic rockers Deep Purple.

  • A remastered portrait of metal masters Motorhead. Included: Singer-songwriter Lemmy Kilmister's rise in the rock realm.

  • A remastered portrait of Irish rockers Thin Lizzy.

  • An updated portrait of metal mavens Pantera.

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