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Bering Sea Gold is a reality show on the Discovery Channel that shows the lives of crews dredging for gold on the floor of the Bering Sea. The show is filmed in Nome, Alaska and follows the crews as they search for gold during the short summer season. Each of the crews risks their lives daily dealing with the frigid conditions as they try to vacuum up the gold waiting for them. The crews featured on Bering Sea Gold are The Christine Rose, The Clark, The Sluicey and The Wild Ranger.

The Christine Rose, which was built in 2009, is the largest of the dredges on Bering Sea Gold. The ship is owned by Steve Pomrenke and his son Shawn Pomrenke and their frequent fights are a focus of the show.

Another of the dredges on Bering Sea Gold is The Clark, which was built in 2008 by Ezekial (Zeke) Tenhoff. Zeke is an experienced diver who brought along his friend Emily Riedel as his deckhand. Trouble erupts for the crew due to Emily's inexperience, as well as Zeke's attraction to her. An additional crew on Bering Sea Gold is The Sluicey. The Sluicey was built in 2010 and is the smallest dredge on the show. Owner Ian Foster and deckhand Scott Foster attempt to find gold, all the while being hindered by their ill prepared dredge.

The main source of tension on Bering Sea Gold comes from The Wild Ranger. Owner Vern Adkinson spent thousands of dollars converting the ship to a dredge, only to have his first season ruined by incorrectly run equipment and infighting on board between captain Scott Meisterheim and the rest of the crew.

Bering Sea Gold offers a fascinating glimpse in to the lives of modern day gold miners hoping to strike it rich.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
7 Seasons, 70 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 27, 2012
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Bering Sea Gold Full Episode Guide

  • Shawn Pomrenke's master plan is about to pay out.

  • The miners sacrifice their sleep and their safety to push through the last 3 days of the season.

  • With only 9 days left in the season, desperation begins to take over. A double sluice and lack of divers means that Emily Ridel must face her fear if the Clark is to succeed. Shawn Pomrenke discovers the land sell of a lifetime.

  • With only two weeks left in the mining season, the window to mine gold is closing. Zeke's experiment with a double length hose puts his brother in danger. The High Noon's water heater suffers a deadly malfunction and tempers boil on the Wild Ranger.

  • The teams get desperate and decide they must take big risks, bringing in experimental equipment and infamous ex-employees in their quest to double production.

  • The dredgers fall ill with the flu, threatening to knock every operation out of the race; a mistake by Steve Pomrenke could ruin the family's dreams of an empire.

  • When Zeke's custom sluice malfunctions, Emily takes matters into her own hands to save the Clark's season. The Kelly clan moves in too close to Vernon's claim and Mr. Gold races to plug a hole that's threatening to devastate his budding empire.

  • Shawn Pomreinke opens up access to his claim along the Bering Sea floor.

  • After five seasons on the Bering Sea, we recap the struggles and triumphs of the Pomrenke family, the star-crossed lovers Zeke and Emily, Vernon's various crew issues, and the chaos that is the Fightin' Kellys.

  • With the 2015 summer mining season finished, the guys sit down at the Gold Dust Saloon to air their grievances and share their memories from the season.

  • After a season of waiting, Shawn finally takes the Christine Rose down to the Bluff. Back in Nome, Vernon needs to score big or risk losing his $200,000 investment, while Zeke and Emily manage to find common ground.

  • Shawn makes preparations to journey to the Bluff; Steve completes the first cleanup of the inland mining operation.

  • The Pomrenkes are on the outs and risk losing their inland mining operation; Derek calls for help after making a dangerous mistakes.

  • A family fight erupts after Shawn's dad breaks a promise; Emily receives news that could end her season; Vern and Derrick keep dredging.

  • Zeke is forced into an unlikely partnership; Shawn is torn between what he wants and what his father wants; the Kelly's work to reclaim their season; Vern sinks is dredge.

  • Shawn plans to give his dad a golden gift for the inland mining operation. Also, he teaches his son a diving lesson.

  • Every dredge must adjust to new situations to stay on the gold; Shawn brings in family to help him reach his goal; the Kellys familiarize themselves with their new claims.

  • With the mining grounds picked clean, the fleet takes a gamble on new tech, claims and opportunities. Shawn must deal with his dad before hitting the Bluff. Meanwhile, Brad attempts to bring his family back together with the promise of an adventure.

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