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Best of the Outer Limits is a television show that provides highlights from The Outer Limits, a popular science-fiction program. Each episode of Best of the Outer Limits shows what people are afraid of and makes people even more scared. The science fiction series deals with topics as diverse as aliens and ghosts and even the undead. All of the topics that the Best of the Outer Limit are topics that the show wants the viewer to discuss and think about. The goal in tackling these controversial topics is to get people talking. The show wants to do more than just scare the viewer.

Best of the Outer Limits really seeks to expand the viewer's mind and asks many philosophical questions. The aliens and other outer worldly creatures features on the show are frightening yes, but so are the existential questions that their presence creates.

Each episode of the Best of the Outer Limits is an hour long. The episodes usually feature guest stars that the viewer may recognize from other television programs and movies. All of the Best of the Outer Limits episodes begin with a voice narrating over a spinning circle. The goal is to mess with viewer's heads and begin to get them thinking that things are not what they appear. The narrator's voice is intended to be creepy and scary and keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. The Best of the Outer Limits is intended to blend the lines between fiction and non-fiction and keep viewers guessing.

GP XVII Limited Partnership and Outer Productions Inc.
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
December 2, 1996
Science Fiction, Fantasy
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  • Pioneers in biogenetic research, Nora Griffiths (Sherilyn Fenn) and her husband Zach (Peter Outerbridge) have successfully created the world's first perfectly cloned organs. But Nora wants to take the ultimate step and also replicate the synaptic array of the human brain. This would conceivably allow the full cloning of a human, an illegal procedure veamently opposed by their business partner Peter Chandler (Garwin Sanford). She convinces Zach to apply her discovery and download her own thought and brain patterns, but when the process is complete, she is left in a deep coma. One year later, with no hope that his wife will ever regain conciousness, Zach is driven by despair to make a clone of Nora using the technology he has since perfected. The clandestine procedure is a complete success. Nora's mind and body seem to have been duplicated in every way and Nora II is born. With his wife back, everything in Zach's world is perfect once more, until the real thing wakes up...

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