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1 Season, 5 Episodes
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Big Love, Starter Pack Full Episode Guide

  • Bill and Barb's behavior arouses Nicki's suspicions. Meanwhile, Bill and Don get dirt on Roman after placing an anonymous call to Attorney General's 'Polygamy Czar'; a Home Plus employee comes forward with an unsettling accusation; Margene embraces the friendship of her neighbor Pam, raising concerns for the other wives; Nicki makes a happy announcement.

  • Bill seeks 'clarity' after having some unsettling dreams. Later, on a hunting trip with Ben, he gets the answer for which he's been searching. Barb gets a long-term teaching job, putting added pressure on Nicki and Margene at home. Nicki fends off her creditors; Joey pays Bill a visit with some revealing news about Roman; Heather rescues Sarah from a bad party.

  • Despite being admonished by Bill for her spendthrift ways, Nicki tries to throw an extravagant birthday party at a hotel for her 5-year-old son Wayne. Meanwhile, Bill installs a 'perimeter of defense' around his home; Barb tries to keep the family's secret hidden from the neighbors; Margene stands up for herself; and Home Plus gets an unwanted visitor.

  • Nicki gets sidetracked after scolding Bill for disrespecting Barb on her 'day,' though Barb eventually gets payback. Worried about Roman's threats, Bill looks into installing a security system at his home(s); Franklin's hospital convalescence ends with a visit from Roman; Sarah forges a new friendship; and Bill compensates for rising demands at home.

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