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Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason is a series of television shows interviewing writers from the PEN World Festival. These writers are interviewed on the topics of faith and reason. Each writer interviewed is a successful and famous writer. They have very deep thoughts and feelings about the issues discussed. They offer various insights into these profound issues with their own view of the world and the ability to express that view.

This is a seven part series of interviews on the ways religion has shaped and reshaped the world in the past as well as today. It takes a hard look at religious reality.

Acorn Media
1 Season, 7 Episodes
June 23, 2006
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Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason Full Episode Guide

  • Chodron--author, Buddhist nun, and "Bodhisattva warrior"--recounts her spiritual journey and offers insights into ancient practices with particularly modern relevance.

  • Canadian novelist Atwood and British novelist Amis--both agnostics--explain the portrayal of fundamentalism in their works and its role in today's world.

  • Two lifelong Christians--American writer Rodriguez and British climatologist Houghton--face different challenges and yet persist in their faith.

  • What does it mean to be a "chosen people"? Belgian author Provoost and Israeli writer Grossman offer fresh viewpoints on the biblical stories of Noah and Samson, respectively.

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