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"Blood Relatives" takes a look at the many hidden secrets that a family can hide from the rest of the community, when a family member commits a crime so cold blooded that all bets are off when it comes to family ties. These stories rang from a family's black sheep taking one last step before one great final fall, to heirs ready to cash in on an inheritance early, because of a myriad of overwhelming financial debts by way of murder. Other shocking tales about sibling rivalry turning deadly after so many years of hiding jealousy, to teenage sons and daughters who feel the need to dispose of parental figures, because of some petty reason or another in the mind of the offenders. The same can also be said when an abusive parent finally goes completely out of control with rage that results in the death of a child.

Tales of outright infidelity, hatred, anger, envy, abuse and other horrible things that can be hidden behind closed doors. Behind the facade of respectability is a web of sordid secrets and lies that could only lead to the family in question to be totally destroyed from within, because of these dark secrets hidden from the community at large. The illusion that many people think and see when they see what seems to be the perfect family is quite often not the truth in many criminal cases after a crime involving the family is committed.

Murder is often the only option left in a desperate situation when there is nothing else left as a choice to remedy the problem within a certain home. Law enforcement always start the investigation with the immediate family, after the motive of the crime is discovered that involves a relative in the family, it is safe to say that many secrets lie just beneath the surface. Twisted secrets that families try to hide are often exposed after a relative dies from causes that aren't natural.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
4 Seasons, 45 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 7, 2012
Crime, Drama, Family
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  • Murder happens within a blended family whose personal and professional lives are woven together.

  • A farming family in Texas is so revered by the community the entire town is named after them! But when several relatives want to start doing business differently the claws come out. Infighting and backstabbing lead to more than one death in the family.

  • A couple of recent "empty nesters" are finally able to enjoy the fruits of decades of labor. Old vices come home to roost when one of the children doesn't quite make it on their own. Arguing escalates to deadly violence.

  • A NASA contractor and his beautiful wife are living the dream with their three adopted children on the picturesque Maryland coast. Traditional parenting soon turns into military-style punishment and when the children start fighting back only a few members

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