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Bomb Patrol Afghanistan is filmed on location in this country where undetonated explosives can maim and kill unsuspecting soldiers and civilians within a few seconds. The documentary mini-series follows the lives of American soldiers in the Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit as they hunt for and dismantle explosives in this mountainous country.

This reality show allows the viewers to see for themselves how hard the team must work to stay alive. They experience interpersonal conflicts caused by many different sore points such as personal chemistry, rote missions and homesickness. Their experiences serve to help the viewer add more important details of their lives into perspective.

The stories are gripping and will leave viewers feeling as if they were able to gain some valuable insights into the life of a soldier. Many returning soldiers have found it difficult to reintegrate into their previous lives since so few if any of their close friends and relatives understand what they have had to undergo during their tour of duty in a hostile foreign country. They feel as if the country is not interested in the war and the stress that they have endured manifests itself in post traumatic stress syndrome. This condition is not familiar to most people but can cause grave trauma in the sufferer.

The series of films shows the viewer the typical day as the soldier knows it. Viewers will see the rough terrain in which the soldiers have to learn how to cope with as well as the high anxiety the experience when dismantling explosives. Many of the top secret techniques for dismantling the explosives have not been shared to ensure that enemy forces do not have access to this information. The viewer will still however, have the opportunity to get to know the US team and get a general picture of what these soldiers experience on a daily basis.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on G4
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes - Canceled
October 25, 2011
Documentary & Biography, Military & War
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Bomb Patrol Afghanistan Full Episode Guide

  • Josh Duhamel interviews four members of Navy EOD Platoon 3-4-2, who discuss their deployment and moments that changed their lives.

  • A behind the scenes look at the season.

  • Examining the technology the Navy EOD Platoon 342 uses to find and dispose of IEDs.

  • When EOD platoon 342 began their five-month deployment to Afghanistan, even training couldn't prepare them for their experience. In this special episode, see a recap of their unit's most memorable moments including their initial departure from sunny San Diego, California,

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