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Ballet West, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is bursting at the seams with gorgeous ballet dancers and an immense load of drama to go along with them. The real-life drama of a few principal dancers at Ballet West is the focus of the dramatic TV series, Breaking Pointe.

At the beginning of the series, the main characters of the show are introduced and we get to learn a bit about the current situations they are in. We also get a taste of some potential problems that could onset as the shows progress. The main characters include the "prima ballerina" of the company, a pair of brothers that have love interests with fellow ballerinas in the company, a new male lead dancer, and a very young, intimidatingly-fantastic ballerina that is new to the company.

The drama begins when the director of Ballet West is faced with contract time. Each dancer is offered a contract to stay for another hard-working year or, in some unfortunate cases, fired from the company. We witness the heartbreaking termination of a very likable dancer in the company who happens to be in love with one of the brothers in the company. She is forced to leave town and look elsewhere for work opportunities in other companies, leaving her serious boyfriend behind. Other dancers are offered their contracts and seem to be upset that they have not been promoted, yet all dancers ultimately sign their contracts.

Once contracts are completed, the casting for the upcoming concert commences. Most dancers are pleased with their roles, while one in particular is extremely overwhelmed by her numerous roles and responsibilities which leads to emotional and physical exhaustion. The show displays how much pressure for perfection is put on each dancer by themselves, peers, and choreographers.

All the hours of strenuous rehearsals and roller coaster relationships comes to a sudden end at the completion of the concert week. The dancers finally have a chance for a break from ballet and take time off to focus on their life away from perfection and mending friendships. Meanwhile, the director of the company ventures out of town to audition new potential dancers to join the company, which can only lead to more competition with the current ballerinas.

The CW
2 Seasons, 15 Episodes - Canceled/Ending
May 31, 2012
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Breaking Pointe Full Episode Guide

  • With closing night behind them, the dancers participate in a fundraiser in Los Angeles. Christiana and Christopher make a tough decision about their future while Ian leaves Ballet West for good.

  • With closing night of "Cinderella" just around the corner, the dancers continue to put their best foot forward. Meanwhile, Allison and Rex continue to bond, while Beckanne and Chase face the reality of their futures.

  • The dancers become nervous after a disastrous dress rehearsal. Meanwhile, Rex is still bothered by his foot injury, Allison wonders if Jonathan will show up to her performance, and Christina stays poised for opening night.

  • With contract renewals over, the dancers focus on "Cinderella." Allison seeks support from an unlikely source when Jonathan fails to give it to her. Meanwhile, Beckanne returns to her former ballet school in Philadelphia to seek guidance from her mentors.

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