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Brotherhood is an original Showtime series about two brothers on opposite sides of the law, one a criminal, one a politician. The series is set in the city of Providence, Rhode Island, predominantly in the fictional Irish neighborhood known as The Hill. Tommy Caffee, played by Jason Clarke, is the local politician and family good guy. Michael Caffee, played by Jason Isaacs, is a stronghold in the Irish Mob and the quintessential hot-head who regularly gets the whole family in trouble.

The series is known for its extreme depiction of violence. The first season pilot episode starts with a group of mobsters removing all the teeth from a rival mob member after killing him. It also includes scenes of arson, dismemberment and murder. Michael is initially a part of this Irish Mob headed by a man named Freddy Cork, played by Kevin Chapman. Tommy, and the rest of the family, is immediately pulled into Michael's world when Michael decides to challenge Freddy, who wants Michael to end his counterfeit money scam, leading to a turf war between the two. This also brings the added problem of the FBI investigating Michael.

Tommy works hard to gain political strength in The Hill but in reality can barely make his monthly mortgage. Tommy is married to Eileen Caffee, played by Annabeth Gish. Eileen is on the one hand loyal to Tommy, his political career and the family; but is unsatisfied in love, leading to an affair that gives her a sexually transmitted disease.

The matriarchal head of the Caffee clan is Rose Caffee, played by Irish actress Fionnula Flanangan. She equally supports her two sons, politician and criminal, considering both their life paths valuable to the Caffee name, even after the FBI raids and destroys her home during their weekly family dinner. She even teaches her own grandchildren that family is family, no matter what they do.

Also represented in the series is the local police through the character of Declan Giggs, played by Ethan Embry. He walks a fine line between the law while working to protect his childhood friend, mobster Michael Caffee.

Brotherhood is a story about how easy it is for the lines between good and bad to be crossed. It is also a series that shows a family that will always stick up for each other and that loyalty is priceless, even if your loved one is a criminal.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Showtime
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes - Canceled
July 9, 2006
Drama, Action & Adventure
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  • When Speaker Donatello's critical condition makes Tommy the heir apparent for the Speakership of the House, Freddie Cork maneuvers to get on Tommy's good side. With the Italian mob, the Rhode Island Police, and the Feds after him, Michael's obsessive need to find Colin puts everyone in jeopardy

  • Kath and Colin worry about what Michael might be capable of if he becomes too suspicious of their relationship. Eileen goes stir crazy when her advanced pregnancy confines her to bed. Tommy asks for Michael's help as the investigation hones in on the Waterfront Project.

  • Eileen worries that her family will never leave The Hill when Speaker Donatello draws Tommy back in to help pass the budget. Declan gets new information about Tommy's involvement in the Waterfront Project and breaks some rules to find a link between Tommy and Nozzoli. Rose's attachment to Colin fuels Michael's anger and paranoia as he refuses to help Nozzoli get in on Tommy's Waterfront contracts.

  • Declan's investigation triggers alarms among the corrupt politicians so Tommy tries to finesse information from the investigation. Rose receives a diagnosis and shares the truth with Ellen. Michael and Colin begin to clash as they help Freddie plan a robbery.

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