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The story of Cake is focused on a young teenage girl named Cake, who is all about fashion, as well as the realm of arts and craft. She gets a lot of her inspiration from her grandmother, Crystal, who was actively designing numerous outfits and costumes for famous rock stars.

During her downtime, Cake also loves playing with her bagpipe, as well as dance the Irish jig. Cake mostly spends all of her days and nights with her best friend, Miracle Ross, who is also a huge fan of everything in the fashion world, as well as art. The only difference between her and her friend, Cake, is that she believes in buying the perfect gift, instead of spending the time to put it together herself. Cake and Miracle wear matching outfits on occasion, but most of the time, they don't match, due to Miracle's choice of color coordination.

On the other side of the neighborhood, there is a little girl named Amy Carlson, who spends all of her time pulling pranks on others, while cracking jokes at the expense of others. All three girls are the host of Cake TV, which is a show focused on arts and crafts that is videotaped in Cake's garage. Their cameraman and director, Benjamin Turner, isn't too crazy to go on camera due to having stage fright. He rather prefers working behind the camera on Cake TV.

Along with Cake TV is a wide variety of Cake's grandmother's trinkets and accessories, which are not only spread out throughout the garage, but are also on all of the girls costumes, from the glitter to the beads. Cake tries to honor her grandmother's work as much as she can, while she appreciates it and tries to incorporate her grandmother's work and style into her own clothing.

1 Season, 13 Episodes - On Hiatus
September 16, 2006
Children, Food, Comedy
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  • Amy hates being a hand-me-down heiress, but Cake sees Amy's secondhand woes as a blessing in disguise -- and an opportunity to get creative. This week's "Cake TV" craft teaches Amy how to turn her hand-me-downs into fashionable pick-me-ups.

  • It may be easy -- and tasty -- to grab junk food on the run, but her friends' poor nutrition habits soon inspire Cake to put on her healthy hat and create "Take the Cake" Healthy Snack Keepers for this week's episode of "Cake TV."

  • Miracle's fashion sense is hanging by a thread when the principal decrees that her new designer jeans -- "stylishly" filled with holes -- don't meet the school's dress code. Miracle's dilemma inspires the craft for the next episode of "Cake TV."

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