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Capadocia is a television series set in a women's penal colony near Mexico City. The drama follows several women imprisoned in Capadocia. It is filmed on location in Mexico City. The series airs in Spanish. The full name of the show is "Capadocia: Un Lugar Sin Perdón". This translates into English as "Capadocua: A Place Without Forgiveness".

The pilot episode focused on the dynamic between Lorena, a former housewife turned inmate and an idealistic attorney named Teresa Lagos. There is also a subplot involving the current head of the mafia ring at the prison and her former underling. The premiere of the series has the appropriate name of "Genesis".

There are a total of 12 episodes in the first (and second) season, many of which center on Teresa trying to help various inmates. Drug smuggling, transsexuality, and abortion are some of the more controversial issues this series tackles. The arrival of new inmates and the impact of that on the greater prison population is also a subject of many episodes.

Season 2 opened with Lorena adapting a little too well to prison life. She secures loyalty from a drug gang and uses intimidation techniques to garner respect from the other inmates. Teresa stays on as warden for purely personal reasons. A lost shipment of drugs thought to still be somewhere in Capadocia causes havoc in the prison. An investigation is launched that results in the imposition of new rules and regulations. Lorena later renews her old pact with Teresa to help each other survive the situation. Deputy Prosecutor Victor Hernandez takes Lorena to see her sick son in a local hospital. Both Teresa and Lorena make a decision to trust Victor because of his act of kindness.

The second season ended with a senior government agent deciding not to blow the whistle as to what was really going on in the prison. Lorena and Teresa vow to trust only their instincts and each other from then on. The corruption inherent in the system continues with no end in sight. Lorena still hopes to be freed or paroled in the near future in order to reunite with her children.

HBO Latino
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
March 2, 2008
Drama, Latino
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  • Fernando and his group are on the last ditch efforts to beat the brotherhood. Every effort they make is exposed. It is up to Teresa to make the final decision.

  • Fredrico's childhood secret has returned to haunt him. Teresa and Hector discover his secret as they are strengthened by new allies.

  • The resistance led by Don Fernando arise from defeat with the strength to continue to fight the Brotherhood.

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