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Chaotic is an American-Canadian TV show for children, based on a Danish trading card game of the same name. It aired for 79 episodes from October 7, 2006, to March 13, 2010. 4Kids Entertainment implied that there will be seven seasons of the show, but the third season finished in 2010 and there has been no news of its continuation, so it is likely that the third season will be the final one.

The show focuses on teenage boys Tom (played by Jason Griffiths) and Kaz (played by Darren Dunstan) who play the trading card game. One day, Kaz discovers a secret password that the boys enter into the game. The password transports them to another world where all the characters from the game actually exist. They can either play a real life version of the game in Chaotic, the first part of the world, or go exploring in Perim, the second part. Scanning animals and objects in Perim lets them use those objects when playing in Chaotic.

The creatures in Perim are split into different tribes, two of which (the OverWorlders and the UnderWorlders) have been at war for some time. Two other tribes, the Mipedians and the Danians, joined the war more recently and, although they were initially allied with the other fighting tribes, they have since split off and are fighting for themselves. The war is being fought to gain control over the Cothica, a source of great power. Much like Pokemon and other game-based cartoon television shows, most episodes focus on battles between the human players and the various creatures from the Chaotic world.

Saturday 10:00 AM et/pt on The CW
3 Seasons, 116 Episodes - Canceled
October 7, 2006
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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  • Troubled that the leader of the Ancient OverWorld is an ancestor of Chaor, Tom goes to...

  • It's good news/bad news time for Chaor. Good news: Ulmar's brand new giant robots are...

  • Maxxor must decide between his friend's life or his world's survival!

  • It's a four-way battle to determine which Elemental Creature can conquer all the rest.

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