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Da Vinci's Demons is a television show that is focused upon the life of Leonardo Da Vinci. The premise of the show is that this great mind "invented" the future with his many inventions. In one of the first scenes, Da Vinci is shown in a castle with another unknown gentleman and is being offered something to smoke. Da Vinci refuses it because he does not know what is in it. The show cuts away to a scene where an obvious important political figure is taking a shower. His servants inform him that he is late for church services, and when he arrives he proceeds to stab an individual in the side. The action then cuts away to once more, and Da Vinci is painting with a live nude model on the countryside. A friend shows up and he becomes the unwitting guinea pig of a set of life-like bird's wings that Da Vinci had invented. As Da Vinci hooks up the friend he is terrified. They tie him to a rope attached to a chariot and take off, and the friend's fear turns to excitement as the device actually works. Indeed, a recurrent theme (among many) in the first episode is Da Vinci's obsession with flight. There are a number of scenes where Da Vinci is showcasing his latest invention, such as a miniature mechanical bird in flight. The show portrays Vinci's studies of real-life birds in flight as well, including his original sketches and drawings of the same.

This first episode in the series is a precursor to the whole series, and as such we are treated to the complex individual that was Leonardo Da Vinci. This first episode touches on his genius, but also touches on his demons and how he struggles with not being able to know his mother. There are many allusions to his flashbacks about when he was younger as well.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Starz
3 Seasons, 20 Episodes - Returning Series
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  • Leonardo designs a getaway from Otranto, but some of his dearest relations may continue to be endangered.

  • Otranto is attacked by the Ottoman Empire. Leonardo and his friends must evacuate.

  • Italy gets ready for an attack by the Ottomans.

  • Lorenzo negotiates with King Ferrants. Leo becomes aware that Duke Federico is taking no prisoners. In Rome, Riario is seeking redemption.

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