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Dexter is a Showtime original drama series that tracks the life of Dexter Morgan, a character adapted from the 2004 Jeff Lindsay novel Dexter Dreaming Darkly. Lindsay has continued the book series, while the Dexter portrayed on television has evolved in a separate timeline. Running for eight seasons, Dexter deals with a strange and uncomfortable scenario; the titular character is a serial killer.

Rather than tracking down innocent victims, Dexter Morgan uses his job as a blood spatter analyst with the fictional Miami Metro Police Department to track and kill criminals that the justice system has failed to capture or punish. Over the course of the series, he hunts other serial killers as well as gang members and drug dealers responsible for innocent deaths. However, he is not portrayed as a superhero. Morgan's own emotions and twisted interpersonal relationships cause him to make interesting decisions at many junctures in the show.

Dexter was adopted by a police officer named Harry after he was found crying in a pool of his own mother's blood when he was just a toddler. This experience led Dexter to develop what he refers to throughout the series as a Dark Passenger, otherwise described as a deep-seated need to kill. Should he try not to hunt or kill for a period of time, his sleep becomes disrupted and his temper becomes quite short.

On the other side of Dexter lies his softer emotions. In the beginning of the series, Dexter narrates that he has always felt cold and doesn't think he is capable of love. This is challenged when he becomes attached to a woman named Rita, accidentally starts a family with her and then goes on to marry her. Dexter also feels great affection for his sister, Deb, who is a police office for Miami Metro. Although she is the biological child of Harry and is not related to Dexter through blood, his loyalty to her is obvious and prolonged throughout the series. As the story progresses, Deb finds out about Dexter's activities.

Rather than chasing down criminals on a whim, Dexter selects his victims using a code taught to him by Harry. Harry, as a police officer, knew Dexter had murderous tendencies as a child and taught him the code to both keep Dexter out of prison and to teach Dexter an acceptable way to select victims. Even after Harry died, Dexter kept to the code.

Dexter's code is comprised of two simple rules. The first rule is to never get caught, as this would lead to imprisonment and, possibly, the death penalty. The second rule is to never kill an innocent. Dexter frequently references his code while making decisions about whom to kill and when. If he is conflicted about specific circumstances, Harry will sometimes appear to him in spirit form or flashbacks and help guide him through his thought process.

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Dexter Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Dexter is faced with impossible odds. With a hurricane looming in Miami, Dexter decides to take matters into his own hands.

  • Dexter is faced with a major dilemma.

  • Dexter recruits Dr. Vogel to help him lure the Brain Surgeon to a location in order to get him on the table. Later, Dexter witnesses the murder of an important person in his life.

  • Dexter investigates a murder that seems all-too familiar. Meanwhile, Vogel is shocked when someone from her past shows up.

Dexter News

Michael C. Hall Might Have Also Hated the 'Dexter' Finale

Some things are left to opinion, while others are facts. Here's a fact: the series finale of "Dexter" sucked. It was so universally hated that it was rated the worst episode of the entire series by fans on IMDB. Others have called it the worst series finale of all time. Critics and fans alike felt cheated by the ending, which seemed like a bit of a cop-out considering the rich tale of a somewhat-moral serial that preceeded it. So, what does Michael C. Hall, star of "Dexter" think of it? On a recent AMA on Reddit, Hall was asked how he reacted to the finale, and what he felt about it.

British Teen Murders Girlfriend, Claiming He Was Emulating 'Dexter'

Gruesome news out of Oxted, Surrey, United Kingdom: a 16-year-old boy has been jailed on the accusation of murdering his 17-year-old girlfriend, claiming he was inspired by "Dexter." The boy, Steven Miles, reportedly stabbed his girlfriend, Elizabeth Thomas, multiple times. After that, he copied the technique he saw on the Showtime show and dismembered the girl, wrapping her limbs in plastic wrap. Miles had been previously diagnosed with autism, but he also reportedly told his family that he heard a voice in his head named Ed who told him to do things, indicating a serious mental illness.

What's New Tonight: Sunday, June 30th.

8:00 PM EST: “Celebrity Wife Swap” on ABC. Retired wrestler Ric Flair’s girlfriend leaves her life behind to switch places with wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper’s wife. Will the former rivals’ significant others be able to get past the rivalry? “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” on Bravo. Things between oe and Melissa heat up due to Teresa’s accusations. Jacqueline and Caroline deal with children issues. Cousins have a showdown. 9:00 PM EST: “Dexter” on SHO.

Showtime Confirms The Final Season of 'Dexter'

It has been made official: “Dexter” will be concluding its run with season 8. There had been speculation of a cancellation for months now, but Showtime was slow to acknowledge the rumors. Now, however, they have given the nod that will put an end to the beloved serial killer drama. Luckily, to help ease the pain, they’ve also released a two-minute sneak preview for the upcoming final season, which returns to the air June 30th. In the clip, Dexter confronts Deb about why she has been avoiding him (easy guess as to the answer).

'Dexter' Season 7, Episode 5 - 'Swim Deep' Recap

Not much action this week on "Dexter," unless you count a slow-motion recount of Isaac killing some rival gang members. On that point, it looks as though we have this season's Big Bad, as Isaac has proven himself to be a skilled killer who is probably not going away anytime soon. That's bad news for Debra, too, as she is on Isaac's list by association. That, along with coming home to find Isaac sitting in his living room (luckily, Dexter evades), prompts Dexter to put himself and Deb up in a hotel for a while.

'Dexter' Season 7, Episode 4 - 'Run' Recap

Is Deb finally on Dexter's side with the whole murdering bad guys in creative ways and disposing of the bodies thing? Thanks to Ray Speltzer, quite possibly. As the episode begins, Speltzer is still on the loose, but Miami Metro quickly catches up to him and brings him in. Deb, using some creative "your mother is a whore" techniques, gets a (rather unrealistic) confession out of Speltzer. But a loophole in the system sets him free: he never acknowledged his Miranda rights, so the judge in his case tossed his confession.

'Dexter' Season 7, Episode 3 - 'Buck the System' Recap

Could it be that Dexter is finally starting to chip away at Deb's moral shell? Will he get her to see that his way of doing things is, as she puts it, a "necessary evil?" Dexter starts off the episode in a bad way: he's getting really antsy under Deb's watchful eye, having not killed anyone since Viktor. It's getting so bad that he's having serious urges to stab Masuka or slice up the lady at the Post Office. Then again, who hasn't had the urge to murder someone at the Post Office at some point? He's so caged in (as symbolically represented by that scene in the claustrophobic alley) that he finally snaps and strangles an unwilling suspect who won't give him a swab.

'Dexter' Season 7, Episode 2 - 'Sunshine and Frosty Swirl' Recap

When we last left our murderous hero, he was staring straight at Deb, sitting in his living room with his knives and blood slides out on the table. "Are you a serial killer?" she asked. "Yes," he responded. So, now what? Well, for starters, Deb is a tad upset. The first thing she does is run out of the apartment and across the lawn and puke in the street, which honestly is probably what a lot of us would do if we found out our own siblings were serial killers. Dexter manages to calm her down enough to not have the conversation outside, but not enough to keep her from punching him in the  face and storming out.

'Dexter' Season 7, Episode 1 - 'Are You... ?' Recap

Season six of "Dexter" ended with one hell of a cliffhanger, so it's been a very long wait for this seventh season to start. If you forgot, here's a reminder: Dexter nabbed Travis Marshall and killed him in the church, but unfortunately did so right as Deb was walking in to tell Dexter about her feelings for him. Interestingly, the premiere started a bit later than that, giving us a time jump to Dexter apparently making a run for it to Miami International Airport and buying a ticket to Budapest.

'Dexter' Behind-the-Scenes Video Features Tons of New Season 7 Footage

The flow of information about "Dexter" season 7 has been a slow, reluctant drip thus far. But with this new behind-the-scenes video, the floodgates have been opened and the outline for the upcoming season has become much clearer. In fact, there's so much new footage and new info in the video that it might count as a spoiler for those who want to go into the upcoming season without any hints. So, spoiler alert. The video doesn't make any mention of Dexter's big case or of Yvonne Strahovski's new character; rather, it's all about Dexter and Deb, and the fact that the secret is out.

New 'Dexter' Season 7 Promo: Dexter Vs. Deb, Head-To-Head

(WARNING! The following contains guaranteed spoilers for both the conclusion of the sixth season and portions of the seventh season of "Dexter.") It's been a cruel, cruel summer of waiting, but this September, the conflict Dexter Morgan has never wanted and always feared can't be avoided. Showtime's "Dexter" its seventh, penultimate season Sept. 30, and as Dexter's endgame draws nigh, the magnetic, complicated killer of killers stares very, very literally down the barrel of his sister's stopping power.

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