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Find the corporate world a bit - odd? Think it's something worth being laughed at? Maybe you hate the job you have now, or one you had in the past, but we can all relate to the inept boss, the odd co-worker, and the menial, sometimes mind-numbing work. The two-season series "Dilbert" speaks to the frustrated employee in all of us.

Based on the famous comic strip of the same name, the show revolves around the title character, engineer Dilbert, and his super-smart, although mischievous, talking dog, Dogbert. Dilbert's days find him under the thumb of the crazy, directionless leadership of Pointy-Haired Boss, whose wrath is endured with the help of Dilbert's jaded pal, Wally.

Dilbert and friends undergo the exaggerated misadventures of a corporate world throughout the two seasons, including fighting off a mutating strain of the common cold, investigating the mystery of the marker-stealing "Little People," and convincing Congress to forego all other holidays in order to have National Dogbert Day. Perfect for the frustrated employee with an odd sense of humor, the show's bizarre sense of comedy serves as a parody for the job world.

The show ran for two seasons before it was finally cancelled, but plenty of laughs can still be found here. Watch out for celebrity appearances as well, including those of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Tom Green, and Jay Leno.

If you're in the mood for a strange take on the corporate world, or want to see how bad things could REALLY get at an even weirder job, be sure to check out Dilbert today.

The Minisode Network
2 Seasons, 30 Episodes - Canceled
January 25, 1999
Animation & Cartoons, Comedy
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Dilbert Full Episode Guide

  • Dilbert and Dogbert put a fake name in a ballot, "Harry Ass McGee" for the president of the, "Internet Voting Network."

  • Dogbert writes a book about the made-up, "Chronic Cubicle Syndrome," called, "Chronic Cubicle Syndrome: If You Think You've Got It, You've Got It". It then becomes a best seller and is then classified as a real sickness. Then Dogbert makes a formula called, "Secret Juice Formula," and is suppose to stop the sickness. Dilbert tries to knock sense into everyone that the sickness is fake, but no one believes him.

  • Dilbert's company has a company picnic, and they're all forced to play softball. Dilbert hits the ball and makes it to second base for the first time.

  • The sickest and wrongest time of the show comes, Dilbert gives birth to the alien baby. Although Dilbert did give birth to the baby, he lets the baby go back to his home planet via rocket ship.

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