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Series Length:6 Seasons, 85 Episodes
Schedule: Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery

"Disappeared", is an excellent, exciting television show, depicting one of the most interesting, informative, sources, concerning the topic of making aware, and sometimes, even the location, of the multitudes of forgotten missing persons, growing in number each year in our nation. There are over 110 thousand open cases for missing persons in the United States alone, with over 50%, being juveniles under the age of 18.

The media picks up on some of the high profile cases, giving them world-wide publicity, which is a wonderful thing for their helpless families and friends, suffering in complete darkness as to what could have possibly happened to their missing loved ones. This, however, does not help the mystery and anguish of countless other families, who have someone dear to their hearts missing, also, and are watching them slip totally between the cracks, even when the immediate family, friends and involved communities, completely and unfailingly search for clues and answers for their lost. Many times, they are not even heard about, and with today's broad technology and social networking crazes, that seems all but an impossibility, but often times, these cases go cold and appear to be all but forgotten.

You will be spellbound and glued to your screen, as the documentaries and gripping details of these, often some unheard and untold stories, of missing persons and of the unwavering determination of some very special, doggedly determined, investigators. These caring professionals, who often with little or no compensation, follow every lead, no matter how insignificant it may seem, while vigorously searching for more.

Some of these cases are more than 20 years old, when DNA had not been discovered as a viable process by which positive identification could be determined and any evidence could be properly analyzed.

"Disappeared" brings to light many of these re-opened cold cases, with modern processes of examination, and occasionally, provides the very link that leads to successfully solving the cases, thereby bringing closure and peace to many tortured families. Even when they are not fortunate enough to find all the answers, it still brings to light much awareness, that would otherwise, never be known.

Avid armchair detectives, check you local listings for "Disappeared", today!

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Rating: 8/10
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  • An 18-year-old vanishes from his grandmother's home in Mississippi, and his father believes there's a connection to another family member's disappearance.

  • The owners of an exotic bird ranch vanish.

  • An 81-year-old man disappears after marrying his long lost love.

  • A woman vanishes following an NBA playoff game in Orlando.

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