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Dora the Explorer is an educational cartoon that follows the adventures of Dora and her friends. The show has a TV-Y rating, making it suitable for children of all ages; however, the show targets children ages two to six years. Dora is a young Latina girl who often speaks Spanish. Throughout the show, Spanish words and phrases are frequently repeated, the aim of this being that young watchers will in turn learn and repeat those same words and phrases.

During each episode, Dora embarks upon an adventure where she is given a problem to resolve. She does so with the aid of her friends, Boots and Backpack. Other supporting cast members often appear, including Swiper, who is most often the antagonist of the show. Dora solves her problems through a series of tasks. It is during these tasks that Dora learns about different shapes, colors, numbers and puzzles.

Episodes of Dora the Explorer are often repetitive. While this may bore older viewers, it is a very effective way to teach preschoolers by reinforcing principles that are taught and then retaught from show to show. Preschoolers are big fans this show, as evidenced by the worldwide recognition of Dora and the fact that Dora the Explorer is broadcast in many different countries all over the world.

Parents and kids alike approve of Dora. Parents love that Dora the Explorer is educational and appropriate for all ages, and kids love the animated characters and positive story lines. Dora the Explorer is a balanced blend of education and entertainment that promotes the teaching of cultural diversity in a world that is becoming more connected and culturally aware.

Weekdays 9:00 AM et/pt on Nickelodeon
7 Seasons, 155 Episodes - Returning Series
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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  • Dora and Boots take a rainbow butterfly, Mariposa, to the Butterfly Ball where everybody gets to have wings.

  • Today's Benny's Sing-Along Party where Dora and Benny are going to sing a very special song together!

  • Dora and Boots are painting pictures in Dora's yard when suddenly, they hear crying. In the nearby forest, they discover Pincel, a paintbrush who's crying multi-colored tears. He needs their help getting back to the Art Studio!

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