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Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible is an English program that humorously satirizes famed British horror films, as an homage to the movie Dr. Terrible's House of Horrors. The show brings in big names from the horror film circuit to appear in comedic re-imaginings of their horror film scenes.

BBC America
1 Season, 6 Episodes
December 17, 2001
Mystery, Horror & Suspense
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Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible Full Episode Guide

  • Eponymous narrator Dr Terrible introduces the wickedly comic tale of a 1645 Blackburn witchhunt. Captain Tobias Slater Witch Locator is selflessly dedicated to the twin pursuits of witchburning and wench-bedding until the day he comes across a real coven of three evil sisters.

  • Dr. Terrible introduces a tale of voodoo, death and dancing. It's Thirties London when World Champion ballroom dancer Lester Crown finds his career cut cruelly short when he loses both of his feet in a freak accident with a giant pair of scissors. Lester finds himself helpless, when his new replacement feet take on an evil life of their own, hell-bent on murder and mayhem.

  • The eponymous Dr Terrible presents a chilling account of reptiles and recrimination. It's Edinburgh in the 1880's and Dr Donald Baxter (Steve Coogan) is desperately searching for a cure for the common burn. But his quest sends him spiralling on a fatal collision-course with his past. Featuring guest appearances from Simon Pegg and Graham Crowden.

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