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  • TV-MA
  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.7  (33,083)

The Order is a supernatural drama series that premiered on Netflix in 2019. It stars Jake Manley as Jack Morton, a college student who has a personal vendetta against a secret society known as The Order. In order to infiltrate the group and exact revenge, Jack joins the society only to discover that the magical arts he mocked all his life are indeed real.

The first season of The Order revolves around Jack's struggle to find his place within the society while also seeking revenge against certain members. Along the way, he meets Alyssa, played by Sarah Grey, who becomes his love interest and fellow member of The Order. Together, the two navigate the world of dark magic while also dealing with the challenges of their personal lives.

Another key character in the show is Vera, played by Katharine Isabelle, the leader of the secret society. Vera is a complex and powerful figure, feared by many and respected by all. She is determined to uphold the traditions of The Order at any cost, even if it means sacrificing some of its members. The character of Vera serves as a formidable antagonist to Jack and Alyssa throughout the show's first season.

Sam Trammell plays Eric Clarke, a professor of medieval literature and a member of The Order. Eric is a mentor figure to Jack and often provides him with guidance as he navigates the complex world of dark magic. Meanwhile, Matt Frewer plays Pete "Pops" Morton, Jack's grandfather and a member of a rival society known as The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. Pops has a strained relationship with Jack but also serves as a source of guidance as he navigates the world of secret societies.

In addition to these main characters, The Order features a variety of supporting characters who play a part in Jack's journey. Max Martini plays Edward Coventry, Vera's superior who has his own agenda within the society. Louriza Tronco plays Gabrielle Dupres, a member of The Order who becomes Jack's rival and love interest.

The Order is a show that blends elements of horror, fantasy, and drama to create an intriguing and suspenseful narrative. At its core, the show is about Jack's personal journey and his struggle to find his place in the world. The show's writers do an excellent job of balancing the various plotlines and character arcs, creating a cohesive and engaging story that keeps viewers hooked.

One of the unique elements of The Order is the way it explores the world of dark magic. Rather than presenting highly romanticized and fantastical versions of magic, the show grounds its magic in real-world history and mythology, making it feel more authentic and tangible. The show's production design and visual effects are also impressive, creating a creepy and atmospheric tone that fits perfectly with the show's themes.

The show's second season builds on the events of the first and brings new challenges and conflicts for Jack and his fellow members of The Order. Without giving too much away, suffice it to say that the stakes are even higher in season two, and the show continues to deliver high-quality storytelling and suspense.

In conclusion, The Order is a must-watch series for fans of supernatural dramas. With a stellar cast, engaging storyline, and high production values, it is a show that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Whether you're a fan of horror, fantasy, or drama, there's something for everyone in this compelling Netflix original series.

The Order is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on March 7, 2019.

The Order
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New World Order, Part 2
10. New World Order, Part 2
June 18, 2020
As chaos reigns, the Knights must convince Vera and Alyssa to work together to seal the eruption and save Lilith from the demon realm.
New World Order, Part 1
9. New World Order, Part 1
June 18, 2020
Nicole finds a spell that could bring back Lilith, but it hinges on Alyssa's cooperation. Jack tries to broker a deal between Vera and Salvador.
Spring Outbreak, Part 2
8. Spring Outbreak, Part 2
June 18, 2020
The Knights try to prevent a strange affliction from spreading. Kepler schemes to strip Vera of her power, and Alyssa searches Vera's house.
Spring Outbreak, Part 1
7. Spring Outbreak, Part 1
June 18, 2020
The Knights weigh whether to join the Order. Alyssa suspects that her feelings for Jack might be blocking her magic. Kepler pulls rank on Vera.
The Commons, Part 2
6. The Commons, Part 2
June 18, 2020
Amid a standoff with the Prometheans, Alyssa goes into withdrawal. Meanwhile, Randall, Hamish and Gabrielle track professor Foley.
The Commons, Part 1
5. The Commons, Part 1
June 18, 2020
Vera negotiates a deal with the Sons of Prometheus - a rival magic society - and sends Jack and Alyssa to their compound as hostages.
Fear Itself, Part 2
4. Fear Itself, Part 2
June 18, 2020
Vera leads the Order in a spell to summon Rogwan, a powerful demon. But when her plan goes awry, she needs the Knights on her side.
Fear Itself, Part 1
3. Fear Itself, Part 1
June 18, 2020
The Knights raid the Order's magic vault, Alyssa confides in Randall about her fading powers, and romance blooms between Lillith and Nicole.
Free Radicals, Part 2
2. Free Radicals, Part 2
June 18, 2020
While the Knights look for ways to protect themselves, Alyssa gives Jack a job: find the "magic tourist" whose been wreaking havoc on campus.
Free Radicals, Part 1
1. Free Radicals, Part 1
June 18, 2020
After having the Knights' memories wiped, Vera plans to induct them into the Order, but her new pledges prove hard to control.
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The Order is available for streaming on the Netflix website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Order on demand at Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    March 7, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (33,083)