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Hidden in the Pacific Northwest, in the state of Oregon, the United States Department of Defense created a secret town. This little town is Eureka, and it is not on any map. Its main occupants are a high-tech research facility called Global Dynamics and its staff of geniuses, scientists, and their families. Global Dynamics credits itself with most of the technological advances in the past 50 years. In Eureka, the most creative minds in the country explore the boundaries of science through groundbreaking experiments.

Eureka is a SyFy channel original television series. This science fiction show first aired in July 2006 and began its fifth and final season in April 2012. Despite a loyal following in the United States and the United Kingdom, SyFy cancelled the show due to low profit margins.

The series begins with U.S. Marshal Jack Carter finding himself lost in the little town of Eureka. He is transporting his own daughter as a juvenile runaway back to her mother in Los Angeles. Carter and his daughter have a car accident and must stay in the town for several days while they wait on car repairs. When a science experiment goes wrong and injures the Sheriff of Eureka, Jack Carter steps in to take over the investigation. After the crisis is over, Jack accepts the position of Sheriff of Eureka based on a recommendation from the retiring Sheriff.

Carter realizes very quickly that Eureka is going to be both a frustrating and an exciting place to live and work. He is a man of above average intelligence in a town where even the children are geniuses. However, his redeeming quality is his ability to work with people to get problems solved. With each episode of the show focusing on a new scientific catastrophe, Jack Carter's people skills are constantly in demand.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
5 Seasons, 77 Episodes - Currently Airing
Science Fiction, Drama
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Eureka Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, wormholes start popping up all over, threatening to rip Eureka apart unless Carter can stop them.

  • The people of Eureka are being slowly being taken and replaced by body-doubles. Allison, Fargo and Zane are desperate to find a way to avoid capture and save their town.

  • When Grace's spying is exposed, mistrust becomes apparent. Major Shaw shows up to take control of the situation just as a geo-engineering project cuts off communications to the outside world.

Eureka News

One More for 'Eureka'

We reported yesterday that the popular Syfy series "Eureka" was cancelled. Syfy had reportedly ordered six episodes of a sixth season, but then backed out of the deal, and decided to close up shop for good, prompting a petition to save the show. Perhaps the petition did some good, as the network has agreed to give the show.

Eureka Fans Petition to Save the Show After Cancellation Announcement

As we reported this morning, Syfy has announced today that they will be cancelling "Eureka" at the end of next season. The cast and crew have been thanking fans for their support on the "Eureka" Twitter page, but some of the show's fans have taken it to the next level and are mounting a "Save Eureka" campaign and website.

Syfy's 'Eureka' Cancelled; Cast is 'Shell-Shocked'

Executives from Syfy made a surprise announcement today regarding the future of the popular "Eureka." Despite rumors that the network ordered six episodes of the show for a possible sixth and final season, it appears that the show will be cancelled instead. Syfy released a statement today announcing that season five of the show will be the last.

Syfy's Big Night: 'Eureka,' 'Warehouse 13' and 'Alphas' Premiere Tonight (Watch Previews)

Consider if "Monday Night Football" for geeks. Syfy is unveiling its new Monday night lineup tonight with the season premieres of three original dramatic series, including new seasons of "Eureka" and "Warehouse 13," as well as the series premiere of the brand new "Alphas." If superhuman superabilities are your superfavorite, this is your supernight. Catch previews of all three shows right here.

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