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VH1's Football Wives is a reality television show about the significant others of Dallas Cowboy's players past and present. Cameras follow the every day lives of these women as they live, and fight with one another, in Dallas, TX. Each of these ladies has definite feelings about what it takes to make it as a football wife, leading to numerous disagreements and misunderstandings between the cast.

The show Football Wives focuses on six women. The queen bee of the series is Amanda Davis who is married to Leonard Davis. Amanda is a high energy woman who is focused on making sure that her family is well provided for, even after her husband's NFL career is over. Another of the women Britney Pigrenet, isn't married to a football player, but is engaged to David Buehler. Britney goes to college and supports herself with her job as a waitress rather than depending on her wealthy fiance.

Another important member of the Football Wives cast is Chanita Foster. Chanita, who is married to George Foster, is very involved with the couple's charity Beyond the Game and has her hands full raising six children. Dawn Neufeld met her husband Ryan while they were both students at UCLA. The couple has had a rough time of it, dealing with their child's autism diagnosis and Ryan's unpredictable career. Through it all they have stuck together to create a strong and healthy marriage.

Erin McBriar is another strongly independent woman on Football Wives. While she appreciates the luxuries her husband Mat's career affords them, she knows that NFL fame is fleeting and is focused on starting her own business to help support the family. Melani Ismail, the final member of the six member cast, is married to former player Rocket Ismail. Melani and her family are at a different place in life than the others and have already learned now to make life work after NFL careers end.

Football Wives showcases the fact that thought being an NFL wife or girlfriend can be glamorous and fun, it also has its dark side.

Sunday 10:30 PM et/pt on VH1
1 Season, 9 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
October 24, 2010
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Football Wives Full Episode Guide

  • The women head to NYC for a week of fun in the season finale. However, old tensions with Pilar get the best of Chanita. Melani tries to mediate but sparks fly as Dawn, Chanita, and Amanda try one last time to hash things out.

  • David and Brittany decide to hook up. Dawn is concerned about her husband, Ryan, being cut from his team, and the financial hardship that would result. Ryan surprises Dawn with a 10-year vow renewal. The women are all there to support, minus Pilar, which creates more tension. To let off some steam, the women decide to head to NYC for some shopping and partying.

  • Chanita's health scare shakes the women, except for Pilar. Later, Brittany and her boyfriend decide to have a lake cruise for the women to bond, instead a screaming match ensues with Pilar in the middle.

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