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Ghost Mine is a reality show that airs on SYFY. Ghost Mine is about a Texas oilman who reopens a gold mine in Sumpter, Oregon in hopes of finding gold. Sumpters' gold mine has had numerous accidents and countless deaths due to the rumored ghosts that still linger there. The oilman assembles a hardworking and knowledgeable crew to mine gold in the old ghostly mine shaft. Before the crew can begin working, the Texas boss has to let the men know about the site they will be employed. The boss lets the men know about the last crew that went looking for gold in that mine. The team never found the gold. They were too spooked by the ghosts to work effectively which caused the miners to quit and go back home.

The boss also assembles a paranormal investigative team to help come up with a source of all of the hauntings that are reportedly coming from the mine. The paranormal team includes a man and a red headed woman. The miners aren't too happy about having a red headed woman in the mines investigating. In the mining era, old wives tales insist that if a miner comes across a red head while mining then that is a sign of death and he should go back home. But regardless of how the men think or feel about the investigators, both of their jobs must be done.

The miners are tough skinned, blue collar workers who don't believe in all of the paranormal hype. But inside the mine, different unexplainable occurrences start to happen to the miners. Every occurrence that is captured is analyzed and investigated to see if paranormal activity was to blame. Once all of the evidence has been looked over thoroughly, the paranormal investigators will meet with the miners to discuss their findings. It is important to show all of the evidence and take these men step by step on how the evidence is obtained. The crew will discuss the paranormal investigators' findings as a group. Finally, the men will have to make their own decision on if they believe the evidence shown and most importantly, if they want to stick around to finish mining for gold despite the proof of ghosts.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 16, 2013
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Ghost Mine Full Episode Guide

  • In the second season finale, the miners think they may finally have the mother lode within their reach; at the same time, Kristen and Patrick believe they have what they need to solve the unexplained mysteries of the Crescent.

  • Realizing they've been heading in the wrong direction, the miners send Patrick on a dangerous mission that uncovers more clues to the mine's mysterious Masonic past and leads them closer to their big payday...and something else.

  • The team delve deeper into the mine and encounter mysterious happenings.

  • Patrick and Kristen conduct an investigation that encompasses the entire town; and later Eddie assumes leadership after he and Kristen are summoned to check out a mysterious mine in Arizona.

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