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Ghost Whisperer, an American television drama created by John Gray, stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon, an antique store owner from New York who has the ability to commune with the dead. This unique gift, coupled with her caring heart and relentless determination, allows her to help these struggling ghosts deal with what they need to so they can cross over onto the other side and be in peace. Usually this involves some task on Melinda's part, such as revealing the truth about how the person died in order to help them move on, delivering a message to a loved one left behind, or helping bring justice to a killer.

Throughout the series, Melinda struggles to come to terms with her lot in life, as well as to gain acceptance from others, who sometimes have a difficult time believing her stories. Aside from her dealings with ghosts, she experiences many ups and downs in her personal life, from the death of her best friend and co-worker Andrea (played by Aisha Tyler), to her sometimes difficult friendship with a woman named Delia (Camryn Manheim). The show also stars David Conrad as Melinda's husband, Connor Gibbs as her son, and Tyler Patrick Jones, Christoph Sanders, and Jay Mohr in other supporting roles.

The series, produced by Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sander/Moses productions, first aired on CBS in September of 2005 and lasted five seasons before it's cancellation in 2010. It has won a number of awards over the years, including an Emmy for Original Dramatic Score, a Visual Effects Society Award, and a Teen Choice Award for Choice Breakout Show.

In 2008, the first three seasons were approved for syndication and began airing on ION Television in the summer of 2009. Later that fall, the SyFy and WE channels began showing episodes as well, allowing fans to continue enjoying episodes beyond the show's cancellation.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on CBS
5 Seasons, 107 Episodes - Canceled
September 23, 2005
Science Fiction, Drama
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Ghost Whisperer Full Episode Guide

  • Melinda's investigation of a poltergeist in the hospital leads to a showdown with supernatural forces terrorizing her and her son.

  • When the ghost Melinda is trying to help suddenly turns up alive, she finds herself in the middle of a dangerous revenge plot and battling enemies she was unaware she had.

  • When a fun night out turns dangerous for three teens, Melinda investigates an unsolved kidnapping that may put her in more danger than she anticipated.

  • Aiden is in danger; Melinda investigates the life of an angry murder victim.

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