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One of the top television shows was one known as Haven. The show Haven was a drama series that was based on the supernatural. It is based on a Stephen King novel called The Colorado Kid. In the show, there are numerous events that take place in a town known as Haven which is in the state of Maine. The show aired from July 2010 to September of 2012. It has 29 total episodes so far in the series.

The show goes over the events of FBI agent Audrey Parker. When Parker comes to the small suburb of Haven, Maine on a case she quickly gets involved in a plague of supernatural spirits known as The Troubles. These supernatural spirits have taken place in the suburb twice before. Parker has an open mind when dealing with the Troubles as she believes that this is just something paranormal but she soon discovers that there may be a link to her mother who she has never known in her lifetime. Over time Audrey Parker begins to find out that her presents in Haven could have been planned and that her memories belong to someone else. Over time she begins to find out about Haven and also her own identity. She also deals with problems that are made by the Troubles along with the residents who are hostile to the people who are troubled.

Like all television shows, Haven has a number of characters in the story. The main character is Audrey Parker. She is a former FBI agent who is assigned to investigate the Troubles in Haven, Maine. Another key person in the story is Nathan Wuornos who helps Parker investigate the Troubles. Duke Crocker is a smuggler who is often a pert of the investigations. Then there is Garland Wuornos who is the police chief of Haven.

This show is available for viewers in a variety of countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and also France. People in Spain, Greece and Denmark can also see this show as well. So it has a wide audience worldwide.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
5 Seasons, 65 Episodes - Returning Series
Action & Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
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Haven Full Episode Guide

  • As Mara'a endgame becomes clear, Nathan and Audrey concoct a plan to stop her once and for all.

  • Charlotte makes progress towards developing a cure for the troubles, but it might be too late as Duke's condition takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, realizing their objectives may no longer line up, Haven's heroes must reassess where their true loyalties lie.

  • While Audrey's condition worsens, a new Trouble strikes Haven. Meanwhile, Duke's internal Troubles are ready to burst and only Mara can help him... but will she?

  • Dr. Cross has the power to expose Haven's secrets to the outside world but what are her intentions?

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