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Created by Craig Bartlett and aired on Nickelodeon, Hey Arnold! is a cartoon show following the life of Arnold, am idealistic nine year old living in a big city with his eccentric grandparents. The series has five seasons with one hundred episodes and even spawned a feature length film. Most of the half hour episodes are split into two shorter stories. Although episodes focus mainly on Arnold, sometimes they feature other series characters as the protagonists in their own stories in which Arnold usually plays some part. Arnold and his friends are faced with everything from conventional life situations to bizarre adventures that usually involve some kind of neighborhood legend. The title character always tries to do what's morally right no matter the consequences and makes a point of helping others whenever he can.

Facing the usual problems of adolescence, Arnold and his best friend Gerald must deal with peer pressure and problems at school and at home. Mature for his age, Arnold often finds himself solving the problems of his friends and even the adults around him. Living in a boarding house run by his grandparents Phil and Pookie that's full of weird people, Arnold is constantly faced with moral dilemmas from the very small the very great. Arnold generally tries to stay optimistic and make the bestt choices even when dealing with problems he never wanted to handle in the first place.

Other characters on the show include Helga Pataki the bully who is secretly in love with Arnold, her closest friend the genius Phoebe, friend and idiot Stinky, snob Rhonda, bully Harold, and the accident-prone Eugene. Many adults and other children make up the rest of the cast and even very minor characters have had their own stories in the series. Although most of the stories only span an episode, there are several ongoing plots in the series including Helga's secret crush and Arnold's questions about his parents' disappearance when he was a child. No matter the subject of an episode, the message is usually one that encourages doing the right thing.

7 Seasons, 118 Episodes - Canceled
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  • Harold Becomes The King Of Arm Wrestling At Ps 118. At A Hockey Game With Grandpa, Arnold Prevents An Airborne Puck From Hitting A Stranger In The Head.

  • During A Game Of Baseball, Arnold Pops A Fly Ball And It Hits Helga In The Head. Grandpa Is Paid A Visit By His Old Friend Jimmy, Which Sparks Up His Competitive Nature.

  • HEY ARNOLD! presents a fresh look at life in a big city as seen from a kid's point of view. Arnold has a creative mind, an admirable nonchalance and a head shaped like a football. Along with his best friend Gerald, Arnold must

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