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Series Length:3 Seasons, 73 Episodes
Network: Disney

Jake and the Never Land Pirates is an animated kid's show geared towards 3 year old children and up. In each of the episodes Jake and his pirate friends Cubby, Izzy and Skully the parrot go up against Captain Hook and his reluctant sidekick Smee. Their adventures are full of fun and learning, each episode helps to teach team work, how to follow simple instructions and directions, recognize simple patterns and shapes, counting and math skills and using simple problem solving skills. Music and songs are also part of the show with catchy little tunes that the pirates sing as they go along in their adventures.

Jake is the leader and pretty much sets the tone for each episode as they try to stop Captain Hook from his nefarious schemes. Cubby is the map reader who helps get them through Never Land showing his maps to the children and explaining which way they should go, Izzy has special fairy dust to help them fly but only in case of emergencies, and Skully the parrot helps out in various ways. As always Captain Hook is doing the wrong things or making bad decisions with Smee trying to explain why they should not do it, but loyally following Captain Hook in his madcap schemes.

The show is very interactive in that it allows the children watching to participate, either by standing up and pretending to fly, helping the Never Land pirates to pick the correct objects or pathways, asking the children to say special words, and by counting gold coins that they collect along the way of their adventure. Cubby says, Ahhh Coconuts, anytime anything goes wrong, Izzy is the optimist always looking for the best solutions to the problems and Jake as the leader helps to make the final decisions as to the best way to solve the problems. Every episode has a happy ending as Jake and the Never Land Pirates solve each problem and defeat Captain Hook and Smee.

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Rating: 8/10
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  • Jake helps a family of singing stones return to Comet Island.

  • Jake leads his mateys on a lyrical adventure across all of Never Land.

  • Captain Hook manages to fall into the kids' hideout.

  • A giant coconut souffle beast grabs Izzy and carries her up Belch Mountain!

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