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Series Length:10 Seasons, 1342 Episodes
Schedule: Weekdays 12:05 AM et/pt on ABC

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is ABC's late-night show, the format of which is similar to late-night shows featuring Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien. It airs at 12 a.m. eastern every weekday night and is hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, creator of the show who previously appeared on Win Ben Stein's Money and The Man Show. Jimmy Kimmel Live! is one of the most successful late-night talk shows on television; it is also one of the few to have experienced any kind of substantial longevity. It first aired in 2003 and continues to attract around 2 million viewers nightly.

The show owes much of its popularity to its hilariously original sketches. While many other late-night shows features similar segments, Kimmel's history as a comedian and actor give his sketches a notably superior quality. One of Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s most well-known segments is "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship," in which Kimmel takes news clips and videos from the week and censors the speech to make it appear as though people are saying outrageous things. The sketch is intended to be a mockery of the FCC's censorship regulations.

Much of the time for each 60 minute show is taken up by interviews with actors, musicians and various other celebrities. Kimmel has made a habit of often signing his show off with an apology to Matt Damon for lack of time, the meaning of which some viewers of the show have been left confused about. The bit has turned into a running joke of sorts, for when Damon finally appeared on the show after this had started, Kimmel immediately apologized and told him that the show had run out of time. Other distinguished past guests include Mark Cuban, Scarlett Johansson, and Kristen Stewart, just to name a few.

Another popular feature of the show is the character Guillermo, who has been fully integrated into the show after giving good performances in the show's early comedy sketches. Guillermo now appears on the show more regularly than any other supporting cast member and even has several sketches designed specifically for him, most notably "Guillermo's Hollywood Roundup." His sometimes childish innocence proves him an extremely likable and charming character to every audience.

While Jimmy Kimmel Live! itself has yet to win any late-night talk show awards, its host has won a Daytime Emmy for previous work in television. Jimmy Kimmel is also slated to host the 2012 Emmy Awards in September.

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  • Behind the Scandalabra: Jimmy interviews the creator of "Scandal", Shonda Rhimes

  • Seth MacFarlane, Paul Bettany, Sam Smith

  • Kate Upton, Cole Hauser, Neon Trees

  • Tracy Morgan, Kate Mara, Birds of Tokyo

Jimmy Kimmel Live! News

Latest 'Mean Tweets' Features George Clooney, Matt Damon and More...Watch Now!

Twitter strikes again. On Wednesday's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" the show brought out one of its most popular segments: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets. And this one was perhaps the most star-studded Mean Tweets yet! Heavily featuring the cast of "Monuments Men," the segment included George Clooney reading a tweet that called him a "lumpy faced bastard" and John Goodman reading one that unfavorably compared him to movie theater butter.

My Chemical Romance Splits Up After 12 Years
More Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel hooks celebrities up with mean tweets about themselves. Genius? Cruel? Hilarious?

Psy Apologizes for Controversy
Stephanie Meyer Discusses More 'Twilight'
Video: Honey Boo Boo's New Hit
See Jimmy Kimmel as Your Favorite Characters!

Kimmel channels characters from "Game of Thrones," "Breaking Bad," and more, for TV Guide.

ABC Host Jimmy Kimmel Engaged

Congratulations to ABC's Jimmy Kimmel! The long-time late night host has confirmed he's now engaged to girlfriend of three years Molly McNearney. The pair started dating not long after Kimmel's once-and-for-all 2009 breakup with Sarah Silverman. Somewhere, Matt Damon lurks.....

Watch Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber and Others Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

The direct, unfiltered nature of Twitter means that fans (or non-fans) can pretty much talk directly to celebrities, even if they only have really nasty stuff to say. In this video from "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," celebs like Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber, Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry read those nasty tweets.

Lindsay Lohan Describes Plea For 'SNL' Gig On 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'
Lil' Wayne Imposter Fills In On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Lil' Wayne's a busy guy. We'd probably all just excuse him mixing up a date and time here and there, and maybe missing an appointment as a result. Luckily, when life hands Jimmy Kimmel lemons, he tosses them and makes Kool-Aid. The multi-platinum rapper missed a scheduled "Jimmy Kimmel Live" interview last night, so the ABC late-night host made the best of what was around.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Star-Studded, Completely Absurd 'Movie: The Movie' Trailer

Want to see Tom Hanks as a robot lawyer, George Clooney as a handicapped NASA scientist, Gabourey Sidibe as Black Hitler, and Matt Damon as a bunch of grapes? Of course you do! Click through to watch one of the most absurd sketches in the history of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" starring a hugely famous cast.

'Beavis And Butt-head' Return Tonight: Watch them Interview Snooki on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
Octomom's Kids Get Good Money For 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Bit

Octomom Nadya Suleman's tykes Nariya, Caleb, Elijah and Amerah each received $464 for the episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that first aired Sept. 10, 2010. The kids also get rerun residuals. Each tot would get $112.50 for the episode's first two re-airings, then another $75 each for the third, fourth and fifth reruns.

Jimmy Kimmel Tears Up During Uncle Frank Tribute (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel aired a tribute segment last night for Frank Potenza, aka Jimmy's Uncle Frank. Kimmel was moved to tears as he spoke about the support Uncle Frank received not only from family, but from friends and crew members of the show as well. Watch the tribute to Uncle Frank here.

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