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Magical Doremi is an anime television series that features Doremi Harukaze as a normal third grade student at Misora Elementary School except for one problem – she is incredibly shy! Doremi has always been interested in witchcraft and she believes that if she can master the art of magic it would solve her problems including letting the boy she likes know how she feels.

On her way home from school one day, Doremi comes across a magic shop and within minutes she suspects the owner Majo Rika, is a witch. Unfortunately, if a witch is discovered by a human then a horrible curse falls upon the witch and it turns them into a frog. The only way to stop Majo Rika from transforming into a frog is to make Doremi her apprentice and teach her how to use magic correctly.

From the very beginning of her training nothing appears to be going right and there is just one mishap in magic after another. In fact, there are so many mishaps that Majo Rika jokingly calls Doremi Ojamajo which means troublesome witch in Japanese. In order to become a real witch Doremi must study for and pass nine final exams without letting anybody know she is an apprentice witch.

It does not take long before Doremi's two best friends Hazuki Fujiwara and Aiko Sen?, discover her secret. Doremi will also turn into a frog now that her secret identity has been uncovered; unless she helps best friends become witches, too. Now the three of them must learn how to be a third grader during the day and a witch's apprentice at night - without getting caught.

These three friends have a lot of mishaps and adventures ahead of them before they can ever graduate from being an apprentice to being a real witch. Besides helping their classmates out with everyday problems they also bake for the Witch Senate, help a new classmate learn the Japanese culture and help raise a baby. These are just a few of the problems they must triumph over in order to master the art of magic.

Saturdays at 08:00 am on 4kidsTV
2 Seasons, 53 Episodes - Canceled
August 13, 2005
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Magical DoReMi
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  • It's finally time for the Final Witch Test. The Witchlings are so nervous they can't sleep and their lack of rest is utterly apparent in the complete chaos and clumsiness around the DoReMi Magic Shop the next day! To make matters worse, Witches Conya, Drona, and Roana drop-in and inform them that the Final Witch Test's are to be held earlier than they'd expected! - NOW! The Witchlings must get someone from the human world to say 'Thank You' in response to an act of magic, while keeping their Witchling identities a secret. How will the girls pass the Final Witch Test when they can't even get coordinated enough to clean-up shop?

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