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Mighty Ships, a Discovery Channel television series follows some of the world's largest ships on their journeys around the world. Since Mighty Ships is shot entirely in High Definition, fans will appreciate the fine details of the giant showcased vessels. Each episode follows a different ship. Episodes follow crews on board as well as the mechanical inner-workings of each ship. Fans of warships will appreciate the episodes highlighting HDMS Absalon and the USS Nimitz. Some ships are built for moving large pieces of heavy machinery or scouring the ocean's floor. This show captures life at sea on a mega-ship.

Various large vessels are showcased. For people interested in sustainable energy, the MV Resolution is an incredibly fascinating vessel. The MV Resolution services and builds wind farms on the ocean. Equipped with a 130 ton hydraulic hammer, the MV Resolution is an impressive ship. There is also an episode on Akamalik, a large vessel off the icy coast of Greenland. Like something from a Jules Verne book, the MV Peace in Africa has a unique underwater crawler which scours the ocean floor for diamonds. It is mesmerizing to see the giant MV Fairplayer cross the ocean from Italy to Texas. This episode follows the MV Fairplayer as she brings oil refining equipment to a port in Texas that has been damaged by a hurricane.

Fans of military ships will be captivated by the episodes highlighting both the HDMS Absalon and the USS Nimitz. The episode following the HDMS Absalon follows the ship as it travels though the Gulf of Aden. Troops from the allied nations man the ship enforcing safety off the cost of Somalia. The USS Nimitz, one of the largest naval warships is captivating in high definition. The large aircraft carrier is likened to a city with crews and support teams living below decks. The USS Nimitz is home to a fleet of F-18 Super Hornets. This episode follows crew members training for a deployment in Afghanistan.

Mighty Ships covers both mechanical workings of these large ships as well as onboard crew relations. Each of the ships showcased has different purposes and journeys. Life on the high-seas is an adventure to watch. Details are magnificent when seen in high definition. Each episode highlights a different mega-ship which is sure to educate as well as entertain any viewer. Mighty Ships will delight watchers with fascinating inner workings and mechanically astounding feats.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
7 Seasons, 52 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 5, 2008
Documentary & Biography
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Mighty Ships Full Episode Guide

  • Heavy lift transport vessel Happy Star was built to be one formidable lady, and her first big mission will test just how tough she is. She's en route from China, to the Caribbean, to Quebec, carrying some of the world's heaviest industrial equipment on her massive deck. However, engine breakdowns, ice and the unforgiving conditions of the North Atlantic are threatening the job at every turn. Join her on this voyage of extremes, a journey and job with tight deadlines, delicate maneuvers, and high stakes from start to finish.

  • The largest offshore drilling jack-up rig on Earth, Maersk Interceptor, is being deployed for the first time and her grand debut promises to be one bumpy ride. Join us as we follow her out to the rough waters and high winds of the North Sea as her crew sets up to drill in the worst storm Norway has seen in decades. A job that was supposed to take ten days may now take up to a month to complete, and with each day costing hundreds of thousands in lost revenue, the pressure is on for this $650-million-dollar Mighty Ship to start performing, fast.

  • Quantum is Latin for "quantity" and Royal Caribbean's latest mega-cruise ship has plenty of it, with 16 passenger decks, 19 restaurants, and more toys and gadgets than any other luxury liner. Mighty Ships invites you on a 12-day tropical adventure aboard Quantum of the Seas, as she embarks on her first-ever full-length cruise to the Southern Caribbean. Packed with more technological innovations than any other cruiser, she may be a floating amusement park for her 4,000 guests, but for Captain Ban and his crew, this is no time to play.

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