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Series Length:2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
Schedule: Monday 8:30 PM ep/pt on ITV

Miranda is a sitcom starring British comedian and writer Miranda Hart which airs on the BBC. Miranda is the 30-something tall, awkward owner of a joke shop and boutique, which is managed by her best friend Stevie. Miranda constantly gets herself into uncomfortable, embarrassing comedic situations and is often mistaken for a man. She lives in a small apartment above her joke shop. Her mother, Penny, is disappointed by her life choices and is always nagging her to get a real job and a husband. Miranda is attracted to chef and old university friend Gary, who owns the restaurant next door to the joke shop. Both occasionally try to date but something always goes wrong.

Although she comes from an upper middle-class background and attended private schools, Miranda cannot fit in with the culture. Her old friend, Tilly, is the opposite of Miranda and advises her on how to look nicer and attract men. She comes off as brash and rude, but really is looking out for Miranda's best interests. She may not be nice, but she's not purposely mean and has good intentions. Unlike Tilly, Stevie is a much more loyal friend to Miranda and doesn't try to push a normal life onto her best friend. Between her overbearing mother, oddball friends and her own strange personality, Miranda's life is as crazy as it gets.

Miranda has done well at awards ceremonies. The Royal Television Society has awarded Miranda Hart with comedy performance prizes in 2010 and 2011 for her work on the show. The show has numerous nominations and wins at the British Academy Television Awards, the Monte Carlo Television Festival, the Broadcast Awards, the British Comedy Awards, and the British Academy Television Craft Awards. Series 1-3 are available on DVD in regions 2 and 4. A fourth series of the sitcom will be produced, but because of Hart's busy schedule, it may not film or air for several years after the end of series three.

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Status: Returning Series
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 9.4/10
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12 Hulu Episodes
  • It's Christmas and Miranda, for once, would like a relaxing and fun time without her parents.

  • Miranda and Penny are forced into therapy for an assessment. How will they cope when trapped in a room together for a half hour session with an unnervingly silent therapist? All they have to do is sit quietly and control themselves.

  • Miranda and Stevie compete to be best friends with the new waitress at the restaurant, Tamara. The trouble is Tamara is 22 and they both find keeping up with an energetic 20 something surprisingly tiring.

  • Tilly's fiancee Rupert is on army leave and their wedding plans are in full swing. Miranda is set up with Rupert's ghastly best man Ping Pong Charlie at the same time as Stevie and Clive set her up with a 'special someone' else.

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