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Series Length:2 Seasons, 14 Episodes
Schedule: Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on PBS

Mr. Selfridge, English period drama, aired in the UK in early January 2013, and in the US in late March. A television drama, the focus is larger-than life Harry G. Selfridge and his new London department store, known by the same name. It's currently airing on public television. Following the success of Downton Abbey, this show is also receiving comparisons, criticisms, and much attention.

At the opening of the television drama, the audience learns the Selfridge has newly arrived from his profitable and modern United States department store, Chicago's Marshall Fields. The London "Selfridge's" is now his new project. He's decided also, that it will be the very biggest and best in the world. However, his business partner declines to join him in the project. However, publicity and contacts lead him to London socialite Lady Mae Loxley, who finds investors for the new and ambitious venture.

The first episode finds Selfridge embarking in London with his mother, wife, and their four children. He hires and pushes staff to complete the store as rapidly as possible. When he finds a discouragingly initial lack of business, he comes up with various gimmicks to draw potential customers to the department store. For instance, he induces a French aviator and the first individual who has flown across the English Channel, to make a personal appearance. He also hires and becomes infatuated with his glamorous Spirit of the store, actress Ellen Love. Their tryst becomes public knowledge as Selfridge's neglected wife establishes a friendship with Roddy Temple, a young bohemian artiste.

One of Selfridge's employees and also one of the best developed main characters, Agnes Trowler, secures a position for her flighty brother George, and then their ne'er-do-well father Reg, attempt to take advantage of the pair on their new positions at the store. A gentlemen waiter, also interested in Agnes, is propositioned by a wealthy client, and encouraged to make the women happy, by none less than his boss. And that's just the beginning.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Drama, Family, History
Rating: 7.8/10
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  • Belgium is attacked and men are signing up to fight back, leaving the women to do their jobs. Harry himself yearns to do more for the war effort.

  • Agnes works all night in preparation for the Empire Exhibition that Harry is putting out. Mr. Crabb tries to cover for Mr. Grove when Harry thinks he's late for work again. Plus, the staff's reaction to the beginning of WWI.

  • Miss Mardle gets lucky, Leclair resurfaces, and Loxley asks Harry for help. Everyone anticipates Winston Churchill's visit to the store.

  • Harry and his estranged wife reunite when she shows up from America to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the opening of the store. Unfortunately, she seems more interested in an exciting new friendship with a female novelist than she is to see him.

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