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Series Length:4 Seasons, 42 Episodes
Network: Univision

Nuestra Belleza Latina is a beauty pageant reality series created by Mariano Calasso and Marlon Quintero. The series is hosted by actress Giselle Blondet. Nuestra Belleza Latina airs in the United States on Univison. Each episode runs between 85-90 minutes.

In the series, the judges choose 12 young female contestants to vie for cash prizes, on-air jobs at Univision and the ultimate title of Nuestra Belleza Latina. In addition to hosting the show, Giselle Blondet also completes the audition process and acts as an advisor to the show's winner for one year.

The series casts potential contestants in six cities across Puerto Rico and the United States. Out of the thousands of auditions, 12-14 finalists are selected. The women then move into a large home in Miami, Florida. Here, they are trained in several different skill areas required of pageant contestants. These include voice training, dance and runway. Each week, the finalists compete against their opponents for a spot in the pageant through a unique challenge. Each challenge is aired on television, and the home audience is then given the chance to vote for the contestant that they wish to see continue on in the competition.

Each week, the three finalists who receive the fewest votes are up for elimination. The judges and other contestants each spare one of the lowest vote-getters from elimination, and the remaining contestant is the one who leaves the competition. The winner of the pageant earns themselves an on-air position on Univision, various sponsorships, a cash prize and the one-year title of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Nuestra Belleza Latina is filmed in Miami, Florida. The competition features a panel of judges, and has included Jorge Aravena, Carlos Calderón, Julian Gil, Lupita Jones, Alicia Machado and Osmel Sousa. The series premiered in March 2007 and has run for 6 seasons, over 61 episodes. Nuestra Belleza Latina premiered to high ratings in the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

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Status: Ended
Genre: Latino
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  • El novio de Alina Robert la sorprendió proponiéndole matrimonio. La fiebre de besos contagia al jurado de Nuestra Belleza Latina.

  • Las peleas están más fuertes que nunca en la mansión. Valeria Moreno, luego de protagonizar tanto escándalo, sale de la competencia.

  • El team Alicia tuvo pizza para compartir en una divertida pijamada. Los mejores chapuzones, caídas, bailes y pasarelas del reto acuática.

  • Las chicas de Denise quedaron heladas durante su sesión fotográfica. Alicia Machado se puso candente con su equipo al hacerlas posar con fuego. Animales exóticos, sorpresas y tensión se vivió en la tercera gala de Nuestra Belleza Latina.

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