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The Onion News Network is a parody of television news. This show takes events that are happening in the world and makes fun of them. It often gives news that is funny and entertaining to watch. The Onion is a fake paper that reports fake news events. The creators of this paper decided to invest in a news network that follows the same reporting format of the Onion. This show is in the form of a web broadcast that is shown on a daily basis. The show has a cast that not only gives the news but writes the news as well. Even the news anchors on this show are played by different actors and comedians. The shows occasionally have some guest stars. In the past Ben Stiller and Ted Allen have appeared on this show. Stiller appear in a comedy skit, and Allen was on the show to promote his cookbook.

Like most news shows, the Onion New Network has different news segments. There is the Factzone, where a news anchor goes over the events of the world. The way these events are delivered is meant to put fear into people in a humorous way. There is also a parody segment made to resemble reporting from the Today Show. The news anchor will report the news in a quick manner and present some odd subjects for discussion. No one is off limits from this parody show. They make fun of everything from the White House to brothels. The show gets its parody from many well know news shows, including the likes of CNN and other serious new channels. One of the funniest things about this show is that many people do not know the news is fake the first time they watch it.

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  • Claiming that he just wanted to do something malicious to her, committed abuser Matthew Strachan, 29, surprised his girlfriend at her office Thursday with an unexpected threat, workplace sources confirmed.

  • A report finds Chinese third-graders are falling behind U.S. high school students in math and science, a nostalgic warden has seen 3 generations of a family come through prison, and a battle of wits with an unwieldly burrito nears its thrilling endgame. I

  • The pregnant starlet has finished reading her long-awaited first book and is currently traveling the country to promote the John Grisham thriller to her fans.

  • Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is being proactive in the face of his department's potential budget cuts by scouring the country for road signs, traffic lights, and other unattended resources before Friday's sequester hits.

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