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Pantry Raid is a reality television show. It features a celebrity chef visiting homes. Chef Michael Schulson visits people at their home. His goal is to show them how to make a meal from whatever is in their pantry. No outside ingredients are allowed in this real life show. What the pantry holds must be made into a meal for this chef to realize success.

This show focuses on creative cooking ideas. When the chef shows up at the house for a visit he never knows what ingredients will be available. He must make a complete meal from whatever he finds in the pantry.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Style
1 Season, 10 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
August 29, 2007
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Pantry Raid Full Episode Guide

  • Chef Michael helps Finola Hughes the host of Style networks "How Do I Look?" make a delicious meal in her beautiful custom kitchen for some celebrity guests.

  • Misty has two beautiful children with her husband of seven years, the one thing she's lacking is serving her family a delicious home made meal. The duo make homemade macaroni and cheese casseroles for her kids, grilled marinated tri-tip steak for her protein-loving husband, asparagus, strawberry carrot cake for dessert, and wine coolers to top it all off.

  • Sarah is about to marry into a family of talented cooks, her fiance grew up with gourmet meals but is lately eating cereal and macaroni and cheese with Sarah for dinner. She isn't confident in the kitchen but wants to step it up and prove that she can make delicious meals for her fiance and his family. The duo make an Italian feast of mozzarella sticks with a tomato dip sauce, seared chicken topped with spinach, and chocolate chip canolis. They top it off with homemade pomegranate rum punch.

  • Linda Lopez and her husband usually eat Mexican take out, but she loves her kitchen and wants to learn what to do in it. Chef Michael shows her how to cook authentic Mexican cuisine that's delicious without all the fat. The duo make a yummy dinner of chipotle chicken tacos, shrimp ceviche salad, spicy tomato salsa with guacamole and top it off with homemade margaritas.

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