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Welcome to the daily adventures of the No family. The No family are fun, focused and resourceful. They present you with daily issues that any family can relate to while maintaining the entertainment value of the show. It's funny and while dealing with some moderately serious issues like dating and romance in the work place; the No family does not take its self too seriously.

The grandfather, No Song, piddles through the day getting into harmless mischief, although the family has a habit of looking past him. The children are respectful and a little rebellious.

Monday -Thursday 9:15 PM et/pt on CJ Entertainment
1 Season, 120 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 29, 2013
Family, Fantasy, Korean Drama, Romance
Potato Star
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Potato Star Full Episode Guide

  • Jun-hyuk disappears and everyone panics. The Noh family takes his belongings for a DNA test.

  • Sun-ja and Jin-ah move out of the Noh family's garage. Jang Yool sees Soo-young working part time at a restaurant.

  • Yoo-jung, Song, and Soo-dong keep getting into conflicts. Sun-ja finds a new place for her and Jin-ah to leave and prepares to move out of the garage.

  • Director Oh and his crew are wanted for embezzlement at Kong Kong INC. Gyu-young is singing for his band at the audition and doesn't know whether he should follow his dad or Jang Yool's direction.

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